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It underscores how bad things got. I'm Dave Anthony Fox News, a government report out today on nursing homes in the pandemic. A new report from the inspector general of Health and Human Services is aimed at being the most comprehensive one yet. On some of the most vulnerable victims in the U. S. During the Covid pandemic, it says deaths for Medicare patients and nursing homes jumped by 32% over the year before that's Fox's bill NATO. The report also says four in 10 Medicare recipients in nursing homes either got covid or likely had it. The number of Americans 65 older now fully vaccinated. Top 77% more than six in 10, people, 12 and up. Have had at least one covid vaccine Does. There's a vote today at the Senate trying to move election reform forward. Democratic leader Chuck Schumer says it's needed to combat new Republican led state voting laws. These policies Making it harder for younger, poorer, non white and typically Democratic voters to have to access the ballot. Republicans. Caller reform already passed by House Democrats of federal election take over and they have the votes to block the bill in the Senate. New US offer for talks with North Korea anywhere anytime appear to be going nowhere foxes Simon Owen has more live. Dave, one of North Korea's top officials, Kim Yo Jong, the sister of the country's leader, Kim Jong UN, says the U. S risks being plunged into a greater disappointment as the Biden administration attempts to resume diplomacy. In a blunt statement, Kim says American officials appeared to have misinterpreted North Korean signals. The U. S has offered to restart talks on the North's nuclear weapons. Kim Jong UN says he'll prepare for both dialogue and confrontation Dave Simon Iran's anger at the U. S alleging interference after the State Department called its presidential election last

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