A highlight from June 16th: CO Gov. Polis plans to phase out his pandemic powers HR 3


Thank governor jerk. Olas is gonna make good on his promise to phase out his pandemic hours. You know it's kind of hard to give up that type of power and control that we saw across the country. I mean michigan governor gretchen. Whitmer her she was absolutely drunk. With power with some of the arbitrary lockdowns and restrictions that she put into effect throughout the pandemic. And i know more than a few of you would say. Well some of the restrictions that governor jared poll put into effect in colorado while they might not have reached the level of wydner gavin. Newsom over in california. The list goes on and on. Well i i can't disagree but unfortunately it's tough to know it's tough to know because we can't go back in time but when you look at the very beginning of the pandemic okay and i'm fond of referencing the lights of dr marty mccarey and dr scott atlas the latter saying you know we learned from the nineteen eighteen pandemic. We learned what do and unfortunately we didn't follow suit with the covid nineteen pandemic because his doctor atlas said the best thing to do would not be to shut down the economy and to quarantine the healthiest among us. Know what you do is quarantine those who are most susceptible to the worst averages of the pandemic we're talking about those co morbidity and underlying conditions health issues those who have well obesity issues as well. The elderly you corn team that group. Unfortunately we don't get a mulligan here. We don't get a do over and some of those restrictions and guidelines even in colorado at least in my humble opinion. Be interested in your thoughts this morning were somewhat arbitrary and capricious and it could be argued that the guidelines and the lockdowns actually caused It actually exacerbated the impact of the pandemic particularly when you look at the restaurant industry for example just absolutely crushed as they were locked down for so long many Family run businesses. Never returning to see the light of day now. No don't mean to lapse into chris cliche here but it is said power corrupts absolute power corrupts and i have to wonder if governor jared is once again make good on his promise to phase out his pandemic powers this after four hundred count them four hundred executive orders all right for background here working from piece by alexander. Bernez out of the denver. Post's it's interesting because early. On in the pandemic jared pola said he'd be as happy as anyone to lighten the heavy hand of state government. Once covid was retreating. And again we don't get a do over here so we can't go back in time and do what well unfortunately as cove nineteen was weaponized and politicize like. Nobody's business and some of those shutdowns where as a direct result. I can't help believe as a result of trump derangement syndrome because well utah president trump orange band bad. And isn't it interesting and again. I understand There is some science behind this and science does change. but isn't it interesting that it appears as though once joe biden was elected president. Didn't hear so much about covid nineteen. Oh sure you'll get the little spikes from now you know on occasion now then in which oh. They're they're warning about this dangerous new variant. What is it the delta variant and how dangerous it could be and you know. We haven't reached a lofty goal of seventy percent of us being vaccinated in the country and questions as to whether the vaccines as we know them will protect against a mutant forms of This sars kobe to corona virus. Is novel coronavirus. Oh are we going to have to get a booster shot for those of us. That have already gotten the vaccine. Seems to me that they are loath to let go of some of the panic porn. Some the fear mongering zai referred to it relative to cove nineteen. Why well because it keeps them in. Charge micromanaging our movements indeed and sadly our livelihood. But we're never going to get a chance to go back and perhaps do it right. Do it the right way. Compare and contrast what the difference in those numbers by the way Covid nineteen related davos have topped a six hundred thousand in the us. It would have been interesting though to see if perhaps Those who knew were talking about. Unfortunately that did not fit the popular political narrative in terms of what they were suggesting in order to respond effectively to the spread of covid nineteen. No no no. They weren't listened to instead. We got phony fouled. She got. Say your thoughts this morning. Nine seven three five three thirteen ten dropped me attacks on our thirteen ten. Kfi a tech signed by the way new texter. Got new number for you. All you have to do is text. Kfta k. a. To that new number which is nine seven hundred. Four seven eight thirteen o. One would love to hear from you. But i want to get back to this question for you this morning. Which is my facebook questioned. Your you can find me on facebook at mornings with gail. Do you really think that Colorado governor jared polis is going to phase out his hand demonic powers. Anytime soon could be argued. He's a little bit to the game. Because you've had so many governors Go of those already so remains to be seen How this is going to play eight. 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