Interview With Roger Wakefield LEED AP: The Expert Plumber


Welcome around ask there where we talk home improvement every single weekend. Thanks for joining us. I've got a special guest in the studio today. My brother from another mother. Roger wakefield plumber end trades now extraordinaire. Welcome to around the house by fred. Thank you for having me here. I appreciate it. How are you sir. Good man good. I see you every week. Doing your stuff on lincoln live which is great because i can find out what's going on in the plumbing trades and stuff out there but you have just literally been owning social media from the plumbing. Point of view doesn't matter if you're training people to get into the profession or help out homeowners to your everywhere and running a successful plumbing bill business in dallas texas. It's really funny. I spoke in front of a bunch of speakers last week. And that's one thing. The that p vargas the founder of the event talked about look people. Tell me all the time. They see me everywhere. And i started laughing because when he called me up on stage i told him said he just want want you to none. In the last twenty eight days we had nineteen and a half million video views on youtube and tiktok and he was just like late. That i can't even imagine that so. Yeah we're we're a started out with youtube and what we have. We've had people come up to us all around the country and say they recognize us and we started to talk about six months ago and now we're starting to get people to say dude. I see you all the time and you're automatically thinking on tiktok and they're like automatically thinking on youtube yup and then they're like on tiktok and it's like wait. Wait what it is. It's pretty funny.

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