A highlight from Avital Ash - Finding The Way In


Podcast. I'm your co-hosted crasnick. Mike partner jennifer kalari will be along shortly. She's a licensed therapist. And i'm out of my mind so if works really well. This is the show where we talk about mental health. We talk about all kinds of things. We have guests from artists from all over the all over the world all over the place writers performance comedians. And we talk about mental health but we also practice skills because mental health is a practice. I haven't practiced anything enough to be really good at math but when it comes to mental health. I don't even know what anybody's talking about. So i don't even know what it is. I don't even have a baseline we know. What physical fitnesses. We don't know what emotional fitnesses. I hear the terms resilience. I've heard of it. I don't practice enough so today. That's what we're gonna do and we're also very lucky to have a terrific guests now. This person i didn't know. And i was on a show with her her material her jokes. She's a terrific comedian but other a writer to and a director an actress but the jokes like made me actually sit up in my chair. And i haven't sat up since my bar mitzvah so this was a new thing when i hear a comic who has like particularly good material. I do sit up. And don't forget them so. I immediately called her reached out and tried to see if she could come on the show and lucky enough she can so today with us is writer director actress and comedian. Avi tell ashish and she's going to join us shortly on today's show. I thought that we could talk a little bit about the phrase. Give me a minute. Because a lot of times the choices that you make about how you relate to your thoughts and feelings require pause the phrase give me a minute is like a great thing for me to have. I'm not one of those people who takes time to figure out what they're thinking or feeling and therefore. I have a lot of trouble knowing what i'm thinking or feeling so i'll get back to you later. Please give me a minute. We're gonna talk about skills that we can use in a minute. One minute that you can use to take care of yourself talk about that. We'll also talk about I think we. I think we need to talk about sadness and loneliness a little bit. I always liked to perk you up. If you're listening and bring you in with sadness and loneliness which is a public health issue which i heard the surgeon. General talk about you know in the surgeon. General of the united states says that loneliness is a public health issue. time to pay attention and then the other thing that i didn't realize is that two-thirds of gun related deaths every year caused by suicide. Did you know that so wherever you are pullover your car start weeping put on an air bag and let's get into it. That's what we're gonna do. We always like to welcome people. No matter what emotional state. they're in so here. Now are emotional shoutouts. If you need a post college cheat sheet that tells you how to relate to other people if you're afraid to disappoint your virtual peleton instructors welcome if you've lost your six cents and not really sure where your third fourth fifth senses are. Welcome if you believe you should be able to eat comfort. Foods like mac and cheese an oak meal during your therapy sessions. Welcome

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