Cinema Raceway, Great America Parkway And Valeo discussed on Mark Levin


Closure details It was closed, but now it is reopened. And that is highway 37 between Cinema Raceway and Valeo and overturned tanker truck was the issue and that was closed for most of the day today, but Finally cleared that out of the way and always have been reopened. But expect delays. A two car wreck in San Jose, two right lanes are blocked eastbound to 37 at first Street. The backup is starting a Great America Parkway. Better news on the Skyway in San Francisco. There was an earlier stall that's cleared eastbound before fourth Street. Now it's just standard slowing on one on one from Cesar Chavez onto the Skyway keeps moving I five is improving. Construction will continue this summer along I five in Sacramento County text fixed sack 52. 74121 for real time project alerts or visit, fix. Sack five dot com For the details with KSFO traffic. I'm Ted Thomas truck drivers. It's time to step up and get rolling with T four straight drive for a team that's respected everywhere. As a CDL driver in Elkridge, you'll learn $28 per hour plus 50 cents per mile with great benefits. Take pride in your work, joined the team at T Force freight in an essential job that keeps our country moving. Or join the team is a CBL dockworker with jobs up to $28 per hour. Apply now at ups jobs dot com That's ups jobs dot com.

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