A highlight from Gul Dukat: Villain or Anti-Hero?


On your sensors are correct. Do not adjust your heading. You've discovered the omega particle streaming to the alpha quadrant in beyond beyond. Here's your host. The anchorman of the federation the doctor of lithium. This is jonathan began. Welcome to the omega part. I'm your gracious and humbled host. Jonathan weaken with talent on loan from god. Welcome to the program. Today we are going deep into one of the greatest villains or greatest into heroes of all star trek now. This is a complex and very detailed analysis of golda cot. So if you haven't seen ds nine. I think it's still valuable free to listen to. Because there's a great insight into the character probably will spoil a lot of things designed for you. But it's a great lengths looking through. Because when i first actually all by watched through the nine of always viewed him as a villain and then i've come across this kind of underground thought project of maybe he's anti hero and then i was like. Do you know what that's worth looking into. That's worth investigating kind of making the case for gold. Do car now. I'm going to be playing devil's advocate a lot. But eventually i will bring about my whole reasoning and thoughts behind if he's an anti hero or if he's actually just an evil villain There's one particular episode in my opinion that completely changes the game of the character running. Go into that episode. Really detail analysis of that. It's a unique perspective on the character. But i'm happy to go through it. And unlike all my other forty other episodes we're going to go in a little bit deeper of my personal life and kind of bare my soul little bit because so much gold I've seen my own personal life. That i will expound on that a little bit and kind of prove my overall point that we'll have to see i'm not going to reveal in the intro. Anyway for the very first time we're gonna take an obscene profit timeout and we'll come back after the break. Fun will now commence he no luna. Oh god you know. After working a long hard day i'll just excel spreadsheets and bosses yellen attitude. You know when. I do too relaxed. You know how i just get the world away and i can just focus on some johnny time. I play star trek online. Yeah i get on my get on my desktop. Get on my laptop. Wherever i'm at and i just go and captain my own ship and dude. I want to be the space cowboy. I've always wanted to be. And i think that's the best thing i can do with my time. It's like should. I play with my son. No star trek online. I because if you heard there is this new season coming out. Called houses united and you can unite the clans of the klingon empire and a really fun exciting season And that's what they do online games if you didn't know they have certain rollout and season's storylines so check that out that star trek online's google it. It is probably the tip of the spear when it comes to star trek entertainment. I know i for one have spent thousands of dollars on the game literally thousands. We are going bankrupt. It's not good but Anyway please check out search online and you can check them out on their social media all across every platform star trek online and is brought to you. By the very great people of perfect world captains long supplemental then. We're back before we get into the meat of the episode. Like i as. I was prepping for this. I really noticed that. There's this big anti hero. Fad that really swept mainly comic book movies. Right like we are batman. We have dead pool. We have all these guys that do bad things but they do for the right reasons. You know

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