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So we realized that we could deploy these voice survey experiences actually through the alexa or google home devices which live in people's personal spaces and in their personal lives so that led us on a journey to better understand the impact of voice. Assistance and voice technology from many different viewpoints. That helped us really transform the way we think about research and the way we conduct research and so what we realized that we need to conduct research in voice in ways that really match the situation so we can conduct research on how people use their voice devices. And we'll get into that in a moment. Betsy as we speak more about the work that we've done together but we can also deliver research on or through a voice device. Jerry you know. I know you. Did you know the research for us. Obviously we work together on a project and we tapped into help. People use their voice devices. But can i ask you to tell us how you use the voices to conduct that in the moment research because to me that was fascinating. Yeah so using. Voice is a really great way to capture in the moment reactions for example when somebody is sick it's virtually impossible to do research with them. They don't feel up to typing or texting or even speaking to someone on the phone they do however feel quite comfortable in engaging in our survey experience through alexa google home in fact we successfully completed a pilot using alexa and google home to connect with people while they were homesick experiencing coffin cold symptoms. We delivered a survey experience and asked people how they were caring for themselves how they decided which treatments they would use simply by asking them to speak to their voice assistant. Since the first pilot and proof of concept we've solved many business issues using voice devices that capture that in the moment experience or in the moment behaviors and attitudes so. We've used it to unpack beauty routines on how women care for their skin. And it's great because we can see how they're actually doing their daily routines we call this solution. Connect live and it's worked well for understanding a range of of different types of things so food preparation and cooking decisions. It's a really great for that. Unboxing experience so when someone i opens a product they can livestream their unboxing experience. They can talk about how something looks how it smells. And they really talk about their experience. Not only a opening the product but then also of using the product so all that work is really what led me to have great conversations with you betsy around your business issues in voice and it's important to the work that you're doing and we both know the importance of voice how much it's permeating society seamlessly and in really stealth manner. We see it appearing at homes on appliances home security. Our companies are really getting involved in even advertising their cars at all the different voice capabilities that their cars have also see it. Being used with big box stores to manage their supply chains and we see it being used in entertainment and all sorts of different ways that people are getting knowledge using their voice. Assistance or voice technology. you're spot on sherry. I mean it's unbelievable seeing what's happened with voice Smart speaker in the last year in the us we have seen in the last year. That almost twenty million more smart speakers in people's homes we're seeing dead search is moving more and more voice so globally twenty seven percent surge is now being made on voice devices and then with people being home more in twenty twenty because a coup bid we saw a huge leap in smart speaker usage. Last year we're also seeing that waste. Technology is the fastest growing technology in the last forty years. It's growing faster than amazon dot com. Did and you know me personally you know. I think you know. I think of amazon. Dot com is a company that grew exponentially in a short span of time. Voice is growing faster than that Additionally the adoption rate of smart speakers is growing faster than adoption rates of amazon prime memberships and many people now even have more than one device in their home which i think talks to what you were talking about the in the moment research that you've now can capture those learnings because people have these devices get situated in different places in their home for different needs during the day and an evening but that you know this all caught on so quickly you know kind of we believe is that it a wide voice catch on so clearly. It's really about the fact that it's an eight behavior It's something that most of us do every day and some fact what we're doing right now which is speaking right so betsy. Let's now talk about the exciting research that we partnered on. Do you wanna share what you were trying to solve for. As i said earlier you know mars. Wrigley really wanted to better understand how people talk to their smart devices. We need to understand it for our categories and the ways that we needed to understand it was really about you know how were people asking general questions of their devices. What product information are they asking for. How are they conducting searches using voice and then even when are they adding to list. When are they adding to card and win. Are they buying. What's what are the kind of triggers barriers that are occurring along this way and so i think we were very fortunate. That radius was playing in the space and really could help us and what was really helpful in creating the right methodology for your custom research.

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