PSG.LGD Sweep Evil Geniuses, Win WePlay Esports AniMajor

Esports Minute


Start with the, we play and a major for Dota 2 out of Kiev Ukraine. PSG town would end up in the grand finals against Evil Geniuses, who fought hard through their lower bracket bouts ironically during these six four major EG was the one to eliminate PSG. From the upper bracket before they placed third in that tournament this time, it would be a different story for PSG as they blew out EG and game. One of the best of five key would come back and try to keep it competitive. But alas they were no match for PSG as they get Suite. 300 s p, s g, Town becomes the, we play Anna major Champs they take them two hundred thousand dollars at the $5,000 price wise was five hundred pro circuit points in the second major of the Season. PSG Talent is the second-straight Chinese team to win a major after Mortals one Singapore earlier this month. Here

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