A highlight from The Sports Reporters - Episode 392 - NBA Playoff Equilibrium Shifts on Health. Novak Djokovic's Place in History


Podcast coming off a big weekend of basketball. That just proves that the equilibrium in the nba playoffs ships greatly on performance venue and most of all health and the brooklyn nets who looked like a sure thing to walk through milwaukee after the two only that they took suddenly find themselves possibly down to one superstar as kyrie irving has ankle problems james harden and still not back. The series is now tied his brooklyn in trouble. Hey is just one thing about them. Looking day had looked great in the first two games. But this is the wisdom of pat riley passed on through jeff van. Gundy okay the bob right. The series doesn't really start until the road team wins a game okay. I'm actually. I think it was joe. Gilmartin who said okay anyway so here so we had to see what it was going to look like and everybody has correctly pointed out that the nets were a couple of possessions away from going up three zip but they did not and now kyrie has away. What lebron have the kept him down. So i know an ankle. High ankle sprain. An ankle sprain but ankle. Sprains are a big deal at this time of year. And if they don't get hardened back. Because i just can't expect the kyrie's gonna play the next game. They they might have gone from two zero up to be a world of trouble and there's no question they are in a world of trouble and and there's no question of the only remotely hopeful sign for anybody that they might see kyrie again. He did walk off under his own. Power if what. That sickening ankle was awful. Didn't you didn't you read that he wa- he left the court on crutches in boot. Now i didn't baal yeah. I'm sure buddhists completely precautionary. I wouldn't mean at the very least. I'm sure i'll yeah but this guy's lucky. He's a incredibly fit young athlete twenty nine. Not saying i'm not guaranteed whenever going to seem again but you would think we wouldn't again now but the point is even if he's back you will not be one hundred percent. They'll be down to not from three to one and a quarter or one and a half stars and if not to It it it of course to the thing has shifted in in the bucks favor at the at the moment. There's doubt about that. I'm jay by say otherwise. Well i think this is just sort of a reflection of the regular season. I mean if you play the playoffs long enough they're gonna look like the regular season and the regular season for the brooklyn nets was injury. I mean that was the story of the brooklyn nets all season long you. They had eight total games where they had all three guys there and otherwise it was. Who's who's who's healthy tonight. Now maybe during the regular season they sat guys a little bit more than they would've and they'll put them in a little faster than the. But i am listening to nash. I'm not hearing james harden's going to play. I'm hearing he's progressing. Well we're all progressing either in the right direction of the wrong direction. But we're all progressing that that's just life at doesn't i don't hear a guy who's necessarily even coming back this series. You know. we've seen this happen before where they talk about. Maybe next game maybe next year. Maybe and they're never there so the question then becomes kevin durant and then what blake griffin joel harris harris. Okay green is that enough. Is that enough to win a game in brooklyn against an increasingly confident milwaukee bucks team now which by the way is playing excellent defense. I mean holds the brooklyn nets to under one hundred points without god right. If you have any idea coming into this series okay that pj tucker would have become a significant a presence in the game. You only played twenty nine minutes yesterday but he is. He plays defense. He's an agitator. And i'll tell you something i don't want to say that game five. Is you know. it's a must win. But they they. They need to win. Because i don't think they're going to go back. And win game six. In milwaukee and ken kevin durant do this by himself. I don't think he can. I would supreme challenge for him. I don't think he. I don't think so. No and as mr tucker's concerned if he's coming my way i step aside and say mr tucker he is. He's just one tough dude he really is. He is not remotely phased he loves to the. He loves this idea of his six foot. Five two hundred and god knows what pounds of muscle on on mr skinny. You know he loves it and he's and he's he's he's very dangerous and in his pot up in the corner here to three. Yeah he's he's to. He's becoming a more important piece of the puzzle. Well durant shot nine for twenty five with him harassing him. Minus twenty three in the plus minus. That's bad and meanwhile jaanus just had you know a janas game. I mean it was insane. You know thirty four fourteen for twenty six shooting. A twelve rebounds plus twenty nine in the plus minus and the bucks were the bucks were what the bucks are when the bucks win. Yeah they get a good game from jaanus in middleton and drew holiday plays well on the other hand. They don't always play this game. We've seen it in the playoffs. So i cannot predict what's going to happen in this next even if durant is the sole superstar because the bucks are not a consistent performing team. We saw the good in the last two games but we saw the bad in the first two games so i think they have won an awful lot of basketball games over the past few years and i. I'm fascinated bobby. I broke broken cover the nba. You were already in the nba. Why are people so tough on the greek freak. Okay because they are because they sometimes. It's it to tell kids parents. When i was coaching little league. I try to focus on what they can do as opposed to what they can't do it which bob jones you think. There's a lot of preoccupation of the fact that he doesn't have a reliable mid range jump shot of course and the game has shifted this. You know the strength of going to the basket is frightening. Good as anyone who has ever played the game because he's seven feet tall. There's never been a more a more reliable finisher on a fast break ever than him And he's got all the index dirty needed and when that takes place. Yeah but the game the nature of the game. Mike assistant the game as we. Well know of of twenty thirty or god knows fifty years ago. It's an which was inside out inside out. Was the way to play basketball. That was that was it now. It's out outer outer space. That's the game and right. And he does it out out out out outer and steph curry land okay. So he he not good at that game. He can make an occasional three. They hold that against them. I mean he had thirty four points doing it his way in an nba playoff game. You're right and yet thing. Mike is free throw thing. So that's that's played hap. How many guys does this happen to eventually from the beginning. Look how lucas free. Throw line and the labs and yeah and of course. This simmons don't get me started on him but Yeah no that's that's the three thousand six legitimate complaint.

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