The Business of Predictive Real-Time Fantasy Esports with Nick Bucheleres, CEO Grin Gaming


What experience has led you to start grin gaming, when it launched? It was last year, I believe, you know, you know, you leave it behind him. You leave it. You leave your previous position behind you. Start green gaming, what led you to that, conclusion, to start that up? Well, you know, as you said, I used to work at the Chicago Board of Trade, doing a high frequency and computerized trading. You know, I'm a Trader at heart. I will bet on anything and everything and turn every ping pong game took into a into a competition. And so you know, whenever I'm watching sports games or TV shows or Esports tournaments and constantly asking myself off to happen next, I bet they'll get that killer, I bet you know, Steph Curry easier to make that three. I bet you Clippers are going to win the tip-off and, you know, I figured I wasn't alone. And so really in many ways, I created this platform for myself, for my friends, right? As a way to put our money, where our mouth is at every beat of the song. Action. And so I'd grin gaming, we allow users and viewers to predict every play. Literally, so every 10-20 seconds, you get a new question that's perfect to the next outcome and you're able to to to just predict how the game will unfold. You're not predicting the outcome per se, but you're predicting performance of players teams. Offenses defense has different plays or game setups. So yeah, in many ways it was just a a way to satisfy my own, you know, thinking during Live

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