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Hello and welcome to another edition of they. Call us bruce. Non conversation about what's happening in america a quarter mile at a time. I'm phil you. And i'm jeff yang and we have winds of dairy special guests. Someone you've known admired celebrated for a couple decades now. The director of the fastest end most furious movie. F nine not to mention its pri. Pri pri pri pri pri prequel better luck tomorrow welcome show justin. Hey guys great seeing you man. It's been a long time. It's been a long journey. boy so we So jeff and i are coming off of writing a book actually a book on the last thirty years of age america. One of our big like big pieces in the book actually was getting entire cast together to talk about the making of the movie which happened twenty years ago this year. I believe it's it's been really awesome seeing you on this journey and your your your career so closely tied to fast the furious but obviously better tomorrow i. I'm wondering it seemed like actually that you had kind of closed the chapter of this book on fast and furious a couple years ago. But here you are again on the ninth edition of this franchise. What why did you get back into this man. It's like you joined the mob again. you know. Well it's interesting. Because i really thought you know i was done when i left. It was on my terms. I feel like you know. How often do you get to. Just say i'm done and i really did feel like that was it. You know but since you know. When i was gone i wanted to try everything like nothing was off limits and i went on this amazing journey and some crazy though so one day i hope i could share like some crazy experiences but through it i would always kind of run into fans and i think i i was. I think it was a scout for warrior in south africa and it was weird trip. Where on that trip home at every airport. Cape town johannesburg london new york l. a. I kept running into different fast fans and they just kept talking about fast. And i thought oh great you know thank you. You know but. I'm not part of this anymore. And and then like a couple of months later i woke up and i was thinking. Wow wouldn't it be great if we explore steam of family but through blood like we haven't done that before and it became like it. Got me excited again. So that was kind of the impetus for for coming back and and obviously from that point on out you know there was just as for han and i thought wow like this is amazing when we started off like gave a crap about us and now we've grown to a point where when something was wrong people really were vocal and passionate and that was exciting to me to say. Hey well if i'm gonna come back like let's let's really kind of explore that and not just through this movie but to be able to create enough real estate where we can truly do that because it's not about bringing a character back from the dead it's really about how we treat our characters and i think the disrespect is what for me is led to the whole movement. It wasn't about. Oh we miss his character. He's dead and so let's bring him back. But i think in the process of doing that. I actually felt very fortunate. Because i think if i came back and there was no justice for han i wasn't gonna bring him back but i think that because it really was something that i can do. Something about it became. It just felt very organic and and and in a way poetic on that note i mean we have of course in the th anniversary year for not been really watching talking about the movie and Doing it for various platforms panels and the lincoln in the course that we've watches. It just hit me. When i was watching most recently a clip of the better luck tomorrow crew walking down this hallway with the kind of the monologue going that there's actually a scene in which the words fast and furious come up as dialogue right before song can walk onto the screen and of course this has to be some kind of fate or destiny or wild luck unless you're a time traveler so kind of curious looking back. How did the connection occur between better luck tomorrow and you know took addressed. And how did it go when you actually pitch the idea of turning this into kind of a cinematic universe. I it's weird. You know you live life and everything is like these random acts and then you look back. You have now like you know. I feel like man. I've been doing this for twenty years. Holy crap. I could make a living doing this. I still am blown away. And you feel like are they. Were they really that random. You know I had i had this instance where else hang out with with song and van and michelle and i realize you know. We all came from sundown. Sundance is what gave us our shot.

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