How to Pursue the Tiny House Lifestyle With Intention


Angelo barnard. Welcome to the show. Thanks for having me included to be here. Yeah excited to have you so I love. I love what you're doing but i wanna i wanna start with your your tiny story How long have you been living tiny and and what you know. Why did you decide to go. Tiny i've been living tiny for just over a year and the decision was made because my husband and i we moved from coastal south carolina up closer to north carolina in greenville area. And we were looking for home and we were shopping at that point in time we were really wanting to pay off all of our debt so when we started hearing that in the area you're expected to pay no two hundred three hundred thousand dollars for home. We're like you don't want to go in that much more debt around this journey they offer debt and i've always like loved the idea of living tiny and like focusing on. You know some complicity. Just really living. Your life focuses on experiences in having more of those versus more things. So that whole concept. That was really interested but what i found out how much the house is going for. And then i'm on this journey to pay off debt. My husband and i know like we don't even need a house. That bag realtor kept showing us all these homes in the fusion. Were like this just feels reckless and dumb. And it's not aligned with with us at the time with our goals so we ended up finding a tiny home. It was like a rain of being in the middle of the night. I got this team notification. 'cause i put up this notification or the setting to see homes that were under a certain price range and a tiny home packed up and i was like what i saw that there was this community and i wanna see this community so we ended up going to see this community and the community was pretty big about seventy homes in it. And we're like. Oh we kinda wanna live more less people. So they're like. Oh we have this new one down to roads so there was. I think like eight at the time and now in our community. There's ten tiny homes so we purchased a purchased a tiny home and we moved it into this little community. And we're on the lake and it's been a year since then and we're loving it

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