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VOICE Global 2021


Welcome back to voice global your host. Pete erickson i hope you've enjoyed all the chats and talks that we've had at voice global. They're just such a nice variety of leaders and influencers than are doing so many different things across the tech landscape and industries. Our next guest is actually doing something unique from all the other talks that we've had here at voice global and that is they are doing voice locally devices where there's no call back to the cloud we're going to get more into that He has a deep history invoice Voice technology welcome to the stage the ceo and founder keen research. Ogi toge ogi. How're you doing. great thank you. Thank you for the introduction. I think it meant go ahead please. Of all good good okay. Well listen i think my first. My first question is Really about you and that is you know how do you find yourself coming into this space. And and when did you first get interested in. See the opportunity to solve some of the challenges that we're gonna talk about sure so because You kind of alluded to what we're doing. Let me just quickly kind of go from where we are now in that. Go all the way back so it can research.

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