A highlight from Ian Boswell - UNBOUND Gravel 200, Migration Gravel Race Kenya


I'm excited very excited. To welcome ian boswell to the show. We scheduled this interview many months before unbound knowing that ian was participating but certainly not expecting that he was gonna end up with the top spot on the podium. This episode also kicks off a new relationship for the podcast wa who i've been a long-term wa who customer on the computer side having first started with the element bolt and now using the element rome. I've also been a big fan of the watson frontier series on the web. I love the videos getting access to these writers having adventures and just the stories behind it. So when i connected with the team wa who and learned about some of the initiatives they have going this year i was super super stoked to bring them on board as a sponsor on the podcast. We'll get the opportunity to talk to some of these wa who athletes and get a little bit of the behind the scenes. Look at some of the adventures. They'll be having this year. I'm very much looking forward to these conversations that i hope you will be two for those that you don't know ian boswell. Ian had a career in the world tour writing for teams like sky and catoon before retiring and moving onto a fulltime role with wa who as an employee additionally he set his sights on participating in the gravel racing scene. I don't know about you. But i recall that time. The beginning of twenty twenty just questioning. Where ian would fit into the roster of these pro tour athletes who were moving into gravel. And what the impact might be on the sport. We all had to wait quite a bit longer than we expected to find out what that impact was going to be so in the twenty twenty one season finally kicked off and unbound was on the calendar it was inevitably going to be thrilling to see where ian was gonna fit in and to see him when the biggest race on the calendar this year was quite exciting. have happened to a nicer guy. We get to dig into a little bit of as experience at the unbound. Two hundred this year but equally important we get to dig into a new initiative from wa who in conjunction with the migration gravel race in kenya. East africa i won't get into too many details in the introduction because i want you to hear from ian and with that let's dive right into this week's episode ian welcome to the show. Thank you for having me. It's funny. I cannot believe that you're win at unbound is going to be the second most exciting thing. We're gonna talk about today. Yeah it's yeah. It's been a very fortunate a couple of weeks. I've i've had and more fortunate for what's coming up the excited to chat about unbound but more importantly the next couple of weeks of travel and racing and cultural experience absolutely. Yes let's get into your victory at unbound. What was your mindset. Going into unbound. Obviously when you retired from the pro tour and expected last year was going to be your first year as a quote unquote gravel athlete. It didn't go as planned and you had to wait a long time to get to start line. let's talk about what your mindset was going into unbound. I know you had one event the rule of three under your belt previously but unbound being the sort of world series or super bowl of gravel is really next level experience in hindsight in all honesty at probably benefited me. That i didn't race last year. Because i had just come off of seven years in the world tour and i don't know ten years prior to that racing road bikes and trying to climb the ladder to the top of the sport on the roadside and retired and was very much still felt like a racer. I i took a position while just had less time to write a move back fulltime to vermont where the weather is not the south of france where i was living for the previous seven years so there was very much. This constant underlying level of not stress rings. -iety but just on not doing what i used to do. And it was very much a transitional year where i was still had this mindset in this feeling whether it was internal or psychological. I'm not training the way i used to. And lo and behold. No racist happened. So i spent the first ever probably the longest. I'd spent in one place. Since i was fourteen or fifteen years old just riding in vermont and my mindset over the last i guess throughout twenty twenty really shifted a lot to very much all right. I met a very different chapter in my life. I'm not a professional world to a road cyclist their things in my life that are far more not important but i just i became interested in so many other aspects of my life. Things i've always longed to do garden got chickens and we've got a puppy and joined the volunteer fire department. That's actually where i am right now. The volunteer fire department.

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