Republicans to Introduce Censor Resolution Against the Squad for Contributing to Anti-Semitic Attacks


Group of Republicans This is from Breitbart will introduce a sensor resolution to condemn and censure the so called squad. For defending foreign terrorist organizations and using rhetoric, which contributed anti Semitic attacks across the United States. Now you would think this is not controversial. We're talking, of course about centering Omar. An AOC and Talib and Presley. But it is controversial because this is the heart and soul of the Democrat Party. And the Republicans. The group has led by Michael Waltz of Florida. Good guy Jim Banks, Indiana. Claudia, attending New York. She's great to remember they tried to steal the race from her. The resolution says the squad members of defended foreign terrorist or I didn't hear the attorney general talk about this. I didn't hear that fake phony fraud. Merrick Garland talk about this. As the late great Bob Grant would say. The central resolution says the squad members have defended foreign terrorist organizations. And inciting anti Semitic attacks across the United States. And so forth. The group of Republicans wrote in the resolution that Talib has accused the Israeli government ethnic cleansing and claimed Israel was promoting racism and the human humanization. The resolution meant his Omar calling the Israel military response to Hamas strikes an act of terrorism rather than self defense. She also accused the United States are backing crimes against humanity. This is why Judy Jazz, Ceron. I want you to listen media it. Your low IQ Cuba phones, media matters you low I Cuba phones. Paid for him bought for This is a jihadi wing of the Democratic Party. Most Muslims do not conduct themselves this way.

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