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Right there and look toward a room up god damn i thought they would fuck us. I thought the house is on file that smoke back there in the the river you know. Everybody knows bruce wayne is Pretty womanizer everybody knows. But that's gonna be the argued because people said people don't say look. Yeah that is that. That's not batman. Bruce wayne everybody know that bruce's a ho whose loves the party especially this burden reversion right here. This new bruce wayne saw david told people. Like i don't even think that's bruce wayne. That's been athletic. Unseld that's been happening. They know bruce wayne here. This is all been baby. J. lo coming behind man. A bruce wayne batman though he's on he's you know you see these these fares square. He's on the up and up because they don't sell. Bruce wayne is batman and batman toys. All right so. I got that. But what about this. What about the. The the batman batman is that is so wholesome out there. That's why he sells toys. Because you know he doesn curse he doesn't kill bullshit. What about the batman that told jokic knocks will i. I kill you. But i will fucking kill you fucking

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