A highlight from The Tesla Model S has gone plaid -- with a ludicrous price tag to boot (The Daily Charge, 6/11/2021)

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Hundred thirty one thousand dollar price. This incredibly affordable tesla is basically. What musk is trying to do is say that these are the best car. That's kind of what they've always been trying to do what they really want to do with this flat dishes show that they can be the quickest fast cars while so what we've got here is a super duper edition of the model s. with three electric motors allowed to go from the to sixty in sierra under two seconds. Although there's a big asterisk which get into minute cover the quarter mile in about nine point. Two seconds three hundred ninety miles of range at top speed around two hundred miles an hour so definitely the speed is the main talking point. But they've also made some other improve on the interior and everything else to well. Wanna get into all that but before we get to details of the car at the ask. Plaid edition is that that is baseball. Reference yes yeah. We've definitely seen a number of space while references over the years It remains to be seen exactly where we're gonna go to from here but yes we have gone. Plaid tesla had promised to plaid plus edition. That was also supposed to launch this week But musk actually just went ahead and cancelled that. He said they don't actually need that anymore. But i'm a little bit skeptical then interesting. Well speaking of another baseball. Reference ludicrous speed. Which is what this. What were you just mentioned. The speed sounds like bit more context around that the speech and how they're able to achieve this this particular model yes. Those figures are quoting are really really impressive to quicker to sixty in less than two seconds could make this potentially the quick production car on the planet. there are some other limited edition super exotic cars. That'll do maybe in the same ballpark. Maybe a little bit quicker but just for comparison like sharon which is the fastest car in the world. The top speed somewhere in excess of two hundred fifty miles an hour on that will go zero to sixty in about two point three seconds. And that'll cost you in excess of two million dollars so in that perspective the mindless plaza. bit of a bargain all right so we were joking about that but it actually relatively speaking for. I guess what you're if you're looking for this kind of car it. It actually is not bad. One of the ways that they're delivering gonna performance is with a new motor system. That actually uses three motors to the rear and one of the front that gives you a better ability to put power to the ground of course but also better potentially torturing then is increased the power left to right on the rear axle which will make the car actually turned around racecourse course we didn't get any quoted figures for performance around a race track which is interesting because they were just testing. This at laguna seca. Last week. we expected them to draw some latte times. They did not which makes me wonder if maybe they'll of times weren't as impressive as they'd hoped for. But but either way it should make a great for track driving but also forced out acceleration right and you mentioned that there were some caveats to the speed issue has to do with the tires or set up of the model s. planet exactly They had been longtime quoting as your time of less than two seconds but they kind of had to admit yesterday that you will actually not be able to get less than two seconds on the car that they actually delivered yesterday and they did deliver the first twenty five cars last night. Apparently there will be a new wheel entire package that will be revealed which will then give you the necessary grip to get yourself up to that. Speed details on. That are still tvd. I assume that that package that will cost more money. I wouldn't be surprised when we've seen cars like the dodge demon for example Come depression and that was dodgers superfast edition of the demon that is sixteen two point one seconds and quarter mile nine point six seconds so a little bit slower than the less but that one had basically use kind of a drag reto sort of set to get those kind of performances so yeah different will entire is going to be required and the other impressive stat. You mentioned was the range of three hundred ninety miles. How how did they achieve that that kind of range and like.

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