A highlight from 06/11/2021 - Best of The Herd


What you're thinking colin. You love the clippers in this series. Yes i do. That does not mean. I don't think the jazz are good. I still like the clippers to win this series. But the clippers make everything. Look hard and i'll tell you why years ago over a decade ago a man did a study. He was a professor on luck and so he went out searching for people he sent ads out to find a hundred people who thought they were lucky and one hundred people who thought they were unlucky and so he gathered them and over the course of a year in this study he came to a conclusion that the people that were lucky. We're lucky at all extroverts and the people that were unlucky in life couldn't get a break were introverts. What does that mean. That means people. That are big talkers and more social and smile and talk to people in the lineup. Grocery store talk to people in line at a bank. Those people connect like human lincoln's and over the course of a lifetime. You'll talk yourself into a job. I have a cousin that works over there. Why don't i give you my phone number and you can call my cousin. You be successful when you don't communicate but it's harder the jazz communication chemistry's great everybody's got to define role. Who are the clippers led by kawhi. Leonard never talks second year in a row terrible chemistry. This is what the clippers are. I think they're going to the jazz but it'll never be easy with the clippers. If you don't communicate you have bad chemistry. Everybody fire doc rivers. He's the problem. The bring entitled chemistry still bad. They're still awful late in the game. Is that the clippers are going to look like this. They lost the first two games at home to dallas. that also i do games to utah. This is the classic chemistry against talent in history shows. You the beats chemistry it usually does in the nba. I mean last night's classic. They're terrible early. They're great in the third quarter and then they go five minutes in the fourth quarter without a single field goal. Paul george was good last night. Reggie jackson was the best. He's ever been what happened to quiet leonard. He won one for four. The fourth quarter. That's the clippers. They'll rowing the boat. Just everybody's going to different direction. And because their star doesn't talk nobody communicates it. The clippers have had thirty eight different combinations on the floor in two games last night. Rondo didn't play. We'll happen to rondo. Patrick beverley did play twenty one minutes now. Demarcus cousins is suddenly playing oars terrence man. I thought it was great against dallas. Now he's not playing. This is the clippers. Second postseason together. They're still a riddle. They're still bad in clutch. Times is at times awful. Hit and miss. They still too often roll the ball out and think they're the best team and they're going to win. There's no such thing. As lucky and unlucky people people who are extroverts and talk and communicate and our verbal get more breaks. it's easier in life people who are crusty in rigid. And don't talk. Introverts can be successful. But it's always harder because you got to do all the work yourself because you don't communicate socialize verbalize your feelings. And when they did that study. I think of the clippers. It's always going to be ugly. It's always going to be difficult. Their star doesn't communicate. Listen by the way. It's hard to win in utah. Anyway they hit a bunch of threes. Every night i mean when with utah you get the same performance Win or lose everybody has defined role. They communicate really. Well they play really good defense. They hit a bunch of threes. I know what. I'm getting from utah. Every night i get good chemistry. Good effort i get good defense. I get lot on three pointers. I don't know what i get leonard. Paul george quarter quarter half to half game to game because they don't really communicate but the nba got a history where talent beats great chemistry. I mean you've got when the when the bulls had michael jordan. Good god dennis. Rodman in the middle of a playoff series disappeared to vegas. You watch the last dance. Kobe and shaq often couldn't stand each other. Talent wins in this league. But and i think it's a chemistry play against the talent play and it's not now the question becomes is donovan mitchell. Now the most talented player in the series. Because mike conley's out donovan. Mitchell is on fire and if donovan mitchell keeps playing at this pace then chemistry. Plus the best talent wins the series. That's the key. They have got to slow down donovan mitchell because if you have the chemistry and the talent the most talented guy. You're gonna win the series. We consider collided. Be the most talented guy. But utah's got the chemistry. I still like the clippers. Paul george had this to say despite being in a whole oh to were number. One west were. Were you know no reason. This is a tough team. But you know we're approaching is the same way dallas votes. You know we still. We have a lot of possession so that we can clean up and a lot of possessions that are hurting us. That's our fault.

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