How Do We Properly Secure Remote Work

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Anthony rowe hit. Why don't you introduce yourselves. Let our audience know who you are where you work for and you both see sows. But you're welcome to say which your titles again goal. Awesome all to jump in so many johnson managing partner del risks. We do market research Fortune one thousand companies cyber formula so at fannie mae g treasury engine working so the court bank large stuck world. How would it be here today. Awesome row hit a guys. Thanks for having me. Your becher actually share the stage with anthony. So i'm cranky disease. Oh for collective health. That's why manage our cyber security and privacy program a collective health as a company where benefits platform predator where we basically consolidate all health related services to our self funded employer health winds and in a sense that means we're in a heavily regulated industry with the hippo on bunch of other law center kind of dictating the business structure but also there's a heavy reliance on the partners and vendors that we work with from an ecosystem standpoint. Family was backstage since. Now you know still security. Mostly focused on the core security to begin with and now You know dabble my feet in two zero which is more comprehensive way looking security. I guess that's that's me

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