Celebrating La Paz, Bolivia


It's morning this is a son of la pass. Libya bolivia's unique. It has two capitals in la paz one of them. So it's a very busy city specially in the morning. Traffic lights are blinking red and green but a lot of drivers. Just ignore the lights. Et ignore the traffic signs. The intersections are packed. Meanwhile their mothers walking their kids to school lenders setting up tents along the curb and crowds of people under way to work for these pedestrians. The streets lupus are dangerous. But then in the chaos. There's zebra zebras holding up a bring paddle sign and one side of the paddle. At says body stopped in spanish and on the other side it says gaseous dink you disea- bre walks up to woman waiting to cross the street and tucks her paddle between their arm. Suddenly cars all stop disease protects. The woman's hand in safely guides across the street in la. Paz this is bruce job.

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