Five Minutes Too Costly


Free to her nearest future sorted out out of school then with national service retained the company for her impressive work ethics a marriage proposal from her university sweetheart. Her life was running smooth and to make her white wedding dream come true her mother's best friend. Living in the states invited her over to spend some time with her so they could shop for big day. What else could she ask for kevin. Her fiance wasn't amused about the fact that they would be apart for some months but frida was able to convince him that it was just an effort to make sure they had a memorable ceremony and besides she was the one paying for the dress and the accessories. Who is he to complain so up in the air. She went her brain cataloging everything she had to do and get to sparkle her big day. She was on cloud nine. We're building castles. In the air was allowed. She met her auntie's yeah. Every friend of the parents automatically becomes an anti and uncle son at the airport. He was a gentleman by all standards and made her feel welcome instantly. They had had a brief encounter when his mother brought him along many years ago for the holidays they were both very young and the memories. Were quite faint. But they hit it off as if they had been in touch since then she arrived at her auntie's home and then she was received warmly. The three of them chatted for a long while. Catching up cacho. Can you believe fritos about to get married. You should sit up. You're not getting any younger you know. She said in a lighthearted tone but her message was loud and clear. He laughed it off but he excused himself to his room. Not too long after when free to retire to the guest room. She quickly contacted her parents and then her husband to be. They chatted till she does off the next day cut. You drove his mother and freed around town as they went window. Shopping free noticed that he kept stealing glances her in the rear view mirror. She thought his actions to be flattering in the beginning but when he winked at her a red flag waved in her mind. The gesture was harmless in itself. But what she sensed behind. The wink made her cringe.

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