A highlight from 12. New Questions & Conspiracies


Legno offer providers and most them cannot rip. It was a knock at the door. All the men lineup outside in the machine gun was at that. I member of the wives along my main goal was to tie the knot that us to abolish jim. I heard let the names of the elaborate complex houseguest wearing leather jacket. Turn around opened at crystal of back parking new these allegations. Nothing was ever done so modern life and they see that end. The smell of the house of nightmares aspires. I remember myself with the single life with fast wide off morning is wrong with these mink off of a few episodes ago. I started asking listeners. For questions things you didn't hear the podcast and we're curious about or other stories. The podcast got you thinking of many of your questions prompted me to do new research and i really liked that so when you spend this entire episode answering your questions and digging deeper into the issues that you brought up got some amazing questions from all over the world. My name's diana and i'm listening trying to canada. My name is mark lazarus from chicago illinois. Yeah hi my name's rubs. Tim is vary on from might land in new south wales australia theory. Some of them were from families of holocaust survivors. My grandmother escaped nazi germany. For someone like me history typically world war two in the holocaust in extent it very close to home. Hi my name is leah. I'm a child of holocaust survivors. My parents were teenagers when they were in the camps this sporadic nature of the butcher. He would just simply turn up and then execute something that is in the story of what my grandpa tall new is a very similar experience and a lot of them made me think about aspects of massage zukas mission. That hadn't really occurred to me. Was this sort of processor. Document used because it will legal judicial or massad internal policy. Reasons did them aside allow families of these monsters to continue living in luxury. There was even one from a guy worked with a soldier with a very shady past. I met and worked with a stocky. German guide that i was told by the locals had been a member of the ss. Over the next few months. I became friends

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