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Say how new get a text message an email. Whatever the case may be from an old college classmates that you haven't heard from in years perhaps decades. You think how cool ron lisa. I remember them. We were good friends. Look still together. Isn't that great question is is the email the message or the text truly emanating from your good friends. Ron and lisa six. Oh seven now thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten. Kfi k dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail the the collision specialists studios all right so no target too. Big as we've seen with those recent ransomware attacks on the colonial pipeline and jbs jbs did pony up by the way that eleven million dollar ransom in bitcoin. But here's what you need to remember. No target is too small either. Begging the question is your social media profile on more for cyber criminals of who's ever enterprising cybercriminals malicious actors that are really taking advantage of any opening. They come across in order to well pad pockets of with others money but think about this. I came across this great piece from kurt. The cyber guide talking about how every time you like something on facebook every like that. You tap well linked to your resume at a job site. Every photo shared on instagram. Yeah this is gold for cybercriminals because they're now using really powerful. Ai software to scan posts made the everywhere in social media and the software it can harvest the smallest details about your life in mere minutes. If not seconds had twenty five year veteran of cybersecurity. David melnick. He says he's watching. How online crimin- criminal rings are now getting more effective. More dangerous more insidious and more able to find vulnerable and rich targets with the advent of ai machine learning. He says they can now scan millions millions of profiles and anyone that happens to be particularly vulnerable when they find something. Well that can be the exact moment in time when they pounce and begin a more targeted attack now. The most effective form of malware is something called a spear phishing attack. It's fake out. Sent to you in the form of a totally legit looking email with tones of familiarity designed to trick you into clicking on a link for example. Let's say you go out to dinner with friends. Okay and you post a photo from a meal out at a restaurant. Oh it's so great to be out and about with my buddies and here we are a dusty diner out with some friends. Love dinner at dusty Well i hacker who picks up this post on their radar might target you with an email. That reads a little something something like this. Hey and of course it's coming from dusty diner but in all reality it isn't hey thanks so much for dining with us dusty. I'm the gm. And i just want to say thank you personally so appreciate you making out post and giving us a shout. We'd love to see you and your friends again soon. Here's the lower so please enjoy this link to a twenty percent discount. Good for your next visit. Thanks again and it was great to have you with us. You're being taken in some cases because instead of a discount. The link is actually a trick. Should you click on it that leads you into inadvertently installing malware without you knowing. It's well hackers at work now. That malware is invisibly sharing everything on your computer and as a result it sharing everything you type to a criminal tacking ring and as more and more people returned to work we. We're all taking more spontaneous fees with our colleagues and with our friends. I mean my gosh. We're so glad to be going anywhere. These days right and in those shared photos are often compromising details. Okay think about this such as that security ide- hanging around your colleagues netzer clipped onto clothing shown in the photos. Well hackers those ever enterprising hackers. They're also able to enhance items in the photos backgrounds like work computer screens and posted notes. These can be used to further confirm identity of others impersonate an employee and target the company or co workers. In this new intimate. Form of hacking lulling us all into a false sense of security and criminals are pretty darn good at it since it's working.

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