A highlight from We Made It Weird #41


You walk made it weird with the whole what's happening weirdo. Hey what's happening weirdos. Hey we made a weird forty one holloway. Forty one forty five. Wow forty one. that's a lot of fun. I know we always say this is a great one but we loved this one this one. We love this one. Getting better and better jeeze. I'm crow if you love this podcast and want to show your support. It sincerely sincerely helps us out if you try one of the pizza. It's a great way to indirectly Support now just about the first pete's picky they knew repeats. Pick and. I'm so excited to be working with ned and co ned wellness brand rooted in the belief that we can all feel better and live better through simple means and a deeper connection to the natural world. Ned is a purveyor of incredibly high quality tasting seed. Be d. as you guys know. I love c. d. And i love ned and co. cbd there so intentional about their entire process they find the best growers on the best farms in colorado. They have third party lab reports For the people who grow their hamp they watched the they monitor the called extraction process. Even the guy that grows it. They told me on call. He plays the plan to music. They're working with worm beds all these things to make the soil nutritious and perfect. It's not one hundred and fifty acres of gmo corn and a little corner of of hemp. These guys are serious about where they source their cbd. They sent me a bunch of it. And i was surprised that it was just cb and just a smidge a sprinkle of mcat oil which is beneficial to your body as by itself but it means it tastes clean. There's no flavoring that doesn't need to be any flavoring. I took it the other day. There are certain days. When i wake up and i'm just like nope and cbd is the super plant superpower that takes me over that hump. It doesn't get you high doesn't get you stoned. I just find it to be very mood. Elevating and stress reducing i call. Cbd my happy ges it just helps me merge and agree and surrender in the good way into whatever it is. I'm trying to do if that's relaxed. It's easier to relax if that's work. It's easier to focus and drop in on what you're trying to work on. They also sent us their incredible new magnesium super bland which is appropriately called mellow because mellow helps me out. I take it at night before bed. It's a huge game changer. Apparently like something. Like seventy percent of americans are deficient in magnesium. It might even be higher than that. But it's a huge amount of americans are deficient in magnesium. Very sure that i was one of them and magnesium supports over three hundred functions in the body. Not only does it. Help me sleep when i wanna sleep. But just like cd. It helps me focus and be productive. If that's what. I'm trying to do so i took it. I put some in my t. Just before this podcast. And i think you'll hear my energy level and my focus was very fi and wonderful So if you want to try

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