Crowds Gather at Stonehenge for Solstice Despite Advice


Advice to stay away from Stonehenge. And druids, and you can't keep them down. Dozens of people ignored advice not to travel to Stonehenge for the annual summer solstice celebrations, which were canceled Monday. The coronavirus stop it after outdoors they might have built Stonehenge for the summer solstice was one of the theories. Things been there for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. Going back to your pre Romans pre everything practically. But this year Sorry you can't get together because of the coronavirus attitude. I'll just pull my hit hood down and breathe through that as it drew it. I feel like Stonehenge is one of the things I want to see. I should add that to my list. You know, I had it on my schedule when I was in England, but I was too hungover so I skipped stone edge. Ouch. Yeah, I thought I've seen pictures. My bunch of

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