Pivot Your Personal Brand With Kelly Roach


All right everyone. Let's get going here today. As i mentioned excited to bring to you kelly roach kelly first off and before anything else. Thank you for being here. Thanks for coming on the show. Thanks for using today to get to know each other absolutely and they say deva phone conversations today me to you know what i what triggered me in terms of really wanted to bring you on was 'cause you never that you need a lot of people on random different ways Yours happen to be online via email through just connections and one of the things that spoke to me. Was you coach business as you coach people you coach entrepreneurs you've worked at fortune five hundred companies to help turn them around us that a lot of things but i really liked the idea that you work with people to help them figure out in what they need to do their business to move forward and as someone right now who's like looking also grow and i've invested in coaches and like in looking at different ways to do that for my business i i've seen the value. I've seen the idea that you get someone to help you. Unlock some things you want to like learn. It's over the course of two three years making mistakes you learn from the people that either can help your lock something in your brain or the way you're thinking about things. Just give you a new perspective. So i love the you do that. But how did you get into that. Like wh what brought you to to this being part of what you do every day. Yeah definitely will. I was doing business. Growth strategy and sales leadership and coaching and training in a fortune. Five hundred armed. Before i started my own business. I was super super passionate about helping people build the confidence to market themselves. Effectively and set goals in ultimately accomplished their career. Dreams make more money in all of that through their work. And when i decided to start my own company i really just looked at. What's my zone of genius. I knew maisonet genius was business strategy and helping others to succeed. And so you know i said who can i focus on. That is really motivated yet. If they don't get as help you know it would be really detrimental to their ability to achieve their goals and it was small business owners right because small business owners start with a big goal. Passion daydreams all of that but many times are non equipment with the skill set in sales marketing leadership. Business strategy needed to actually bring the desired outcome to fruition with the actions that they're taking so it was just really kind of a natural step into that next evolution.

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