'Audience of One' Carlos Alazraqui Bonus Show #15 - burst 1


Near here to work on it. And let's say. I love dr phil kind. Gentlemen occasionally does take the mic. But carry dangerous man dr phil because he will tell you that. I don't care how you are your life. I don't care. I'll screwed up your childhood. You give me for fourteen minutes commercial. And i'm gonna turn your life around. You're going to get a fog. You're gonna be okay for the rest of your life very dangerous. An actual episode that i watched i left off the couch. I remember my out. He was on his show. There was a woman the show addicted. I get the tim. Mcgraw the country singer and that woman was you thought she was. Oh no that's the thing you hear. Mcgraw speak y. Deans like south along naylor reading and he looked at her miami limited limited. Stop you out there okay. What's going on is europe. Seth with a stranger. You're participating in something that is not reality. You're overwhelmed by his fame and your knowing what you have in your old real live like your children like your home. Your husband and this is what he said to her. And i think what you need to do is stop okay. Where does he get that account. Today i went through the year university. Of what you need to do. And i majored in. Stop doing it. I have a master's degree in cut it out in a phd and knock it off are stuck in the stomach.

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