A highlight from Hanging with Series Composer Ryan Elder


Interview seek goal. We're back with the man behind the music. Brian elder talking bops. Talking wraps and talk in the flew in the air. We're talking about everything here on interventional. Rss lee unofficial. reckon podcast. hello. Everybody i'm travis. Elo everybody and i'm brandon and welcome to the special bonus edition bub-bubba loose issue or rss the addition where we get rid of semi-permanent news. Get rid of short outs. We forgo all of the things that ever have made this podcast. No rules and one topic today. That topic today is an interview with ryan elders man behind the music. Before we get into that we do have a little bit of housekeeping. The do real quick. What if what if you stumble upon this episode and this is the only time you've ever heard that would tell would be insane because we've been doing this podcast really long time But if you are new here and you want to know how to get a hold of us. We were all over the internet. You can follow us on twitter. At rick and morty pod over facebook facebook dot com slash podcast on instagram. Rick and morty podcast where you can send us an e mail rick and morty podcast Dot com if you were watching this on youtube. Thank you for checking it out. If you have not subscribed to before police at that subscribe button you can give it a thumbs up. Do all those fun things Yeah and make sure that you're subscribed on whatever pod catcher that you're that you're using tilted to podcast if If you're new to this as well but yeah this is. This is definitely a special episode. We had an old friend back with us on on the podcast We got to do a terrific interview with the composer. The the the the man behind the music as you said earlier brandon. For for rick. And morty ryan elder if you did not catch our first interview with ryan elder that's back like would you episode forty seven twenty. Yeah forty seven back in twenty eighteen. It's been so long it's been it's feels like forever and it has been forever We we had wanted to talk to him for a good long while we wanted to touch base with them In the middle of season four Win in and we couldn't versus that or the other reason Mostly because we wanted to make sure that we went through adults women and did the did things the the right way but We got that we did that. And we finally got ryan back in here So so in the we we the interview. We talk about Adult swim fast. We talk about season four songs. We talk about the latest season five song and it was just great to get a chance to talk to him. Truly a joy and so i think without any further ado because because we we did talk to him for for a little while I think it's best if we get right into it. Here is our second interview with ryan other so ryan. It has been Since two thousand eighteen the last time we talked to you Episode forty seven for for any of the folks who who want to go back and listen to that and that was that was during season. Three it was after it was after season. So you know as well as we do that that's another year and a half two years to season four and now we are in almost midway through season five and so just you know s- thank you so much for for coming on. I know it's been a long that we wanted to talk to you. earlier on but i think this is. This is a perfect time to bring you back into the fold and being out with us so so so how have things been over the course of two thousand eighteen. Do the math Three years and change. Well yes so. The show lost all its popularity. It's not nobody likes it anymore. Now it's been insane. I mean you know it just keeps getting bigger and Frankly like i think the episodes are just as good if that better than they were in those early seasons animation is certainly better and hopefully the music is better but that's up for debate. Olive stained from that vote. But other than that. I've been working on a lot of stuff and brick and mortar always there. It's one of the view. It's the only show. I work on now where i try to do everything my other shows. I co composed or whatever but you know ric. And morty is a special place in my heart so i try to keep it for myself. So in in that time since we we. We actually got to meet you At adult swim fest. The inaugural adult swim fast way back and was at twenty eighteen. Follow tonia and and you got to do like a live scoring of a rick. And morty episode with a full orchestra how can you just talk for a minute about that experience. That was i mean. It was incredible. You know it was. It was one of those things that are like i never in my wildest dreams as a composer thought i would do something like that and it was pretty to stand up on that stage in front of. I don't know what was it like five thousand people and it was packed. It was. Mary pre cove experience or make all these festival. Goers standing on pavement listened to a live orchestra that was pretty exciting Taoist cool you know. The orchestra was amazing. They played really well and it was fun to hear him. Really fun to hear my music in play as it was really intended to be played you know. Most of the music i write is all what we call in. The box is all using samples. That's all using you. Know prerecorded control of old recordings of or castrol instruments. So you know when you write that you do take a lot of shortcuts to make it sound good in the box that don't work in real life so we had to kind of figure that out and see. I was going to work. And i did have help with that. And my My buddy jason martin castio who conduct the orchestra also helped me sort of figure out how to orchestrate correctly for a live orchestra and we had a live thurman player and gas artists come out and perform and was it was a good time. I hope you guys had fun. No awesome show. I i know i loved brandon. I mean yeah. I don't i don't like music normally. But but that that made me fall in love with the fine art of the orchestral score. Yeah you guys have been to the philharmonic. A bunch of them is inspiring. I picked up the cello. It's

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