Study: Rates of Anxiety and Depression Among College Students Continue to Soar


Story out of lebanon new hampshire which includes the dartmouth college very high end college. That did a study on some of their own students that found that two hundred and seventeen students were tracked when they entered the school as freshmen in two thousand seventeen in the hopes of understanding how they behave students stress levels rise and fall usually in tandem with midterm and final exams but since the onset of the pandemic quote unquote rates of depression and anxiety have soared and show no signs of coming down. Said andrew campbell researcher and computer science professor. The research points to how the public health crisis they say is affecting young people and raises questions about what will be done to support them a group that struggled disproportionately with mental health issues for years before the pandemic set in the question is how long will they stay like. This said the researcher. The findings also added a growing body of research that or to a growing body of research that indicate the effects of the corona virus have extended beyond physical health and safety particularly as people deal with social isolation grief unemployment and uncertainty about the future.

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