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In his weekly interview podcast. Life is short with justin. Long justin talks with celebrities musicians actors and artists about how they get the most out of life. Each episode goes beyond what you'd expect to hear on an interview show in his candid interview style. Justin knows just what to ask the pull out. Unexpected stories from his guests lives and some of these stories. You'd never expect like jon. Bon jovi shared that his mom had wanted to crawl under the seat after his performance in a local talent show because it was so horrible or when allison brie shared an unfortunate ping incident that happened on the set of madman. But don't worry he also asked the hard hitting questions like if you could have one snack food for the rest of your life. What would it be. And what is your most commonly used emoji for me. It's the clapping hands. You're about to hear preview of life is short with justin long. While you're listening be sure to follow. Life is short on apple. Podcasts amazon music or you can listen ad free by joining wondering plus in the wondering app wondering feel the story you say that everybody says on the original fluence or and sometimes i think i helped create a monster. Do you ever think about. I mean i. I know i already asked you this. But i struggle with this. Do you think about just unplugging for a little bit you work so much you travel so much. you're you talk about how much how much influence in you do social media stuff. Do you ever think. Would you be happy if you were to stop doing that for a little. I have to judge us. 'cause all my brands and product lines right. That's your goal. You say your goal is to have a billion dollars that's not my goal anymore is I just think again. I just so concerned with like. Because i didn't have my personal life that i was happy with. I was focusing on all of these materialistic things. That really don't matter. Well then this might answer this question a alexandra dean says at the very end. She says you know you can't do this forever. After resolution with your mother she says can you and your brand have divorced now. And i was wondering that i'm curious about that. You say you said something very funny. You said well. It'd be really expensive. But but i don't know i wonder. Do you ever do you think about that. More partways with that with that brand. I think it's just part of me. And i think that people have different layers to them. That was just a part of my life. And now i'm moving onto the next phase of my life which is Now finally being adults and being a real person slow uniting bell in the background related to that two pairs she said there is something about getting to live. I've been an actor for a longtime. It's it's kept me in the state of a certain type of adolescence. And you say that to you. Say you've never wanted to get married. Because he did. You feel like that would force you to grow up. I related to that you post deep down. You felt trapped and is that has that change to do you still feel like marriage means growing up and and if so are you a little less afraid to to grow up. I was staying up. Because i thought i would never find a man that i could trust. So it's not even worth it because it's an end up reading me. So why but now excited with an expertise in my life. Like i can't wait for. This is great. Oh that's great.

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