Lexus, KCRW And Major Sigler discussed on Morning Edition


KCRW and this is moments of serenity. Travel doesn't have to be stressful. Consider taking a journey without a destination. American recording engineers who probably were on route to somewhere else, just slow down and enjoy the ride. Is Be well and stay tuned to KCRW. KCRW. Sponsors include Lexus dedicated to electrifying the road Forward Whistle. Lexus Hybrid line. Lexus hybrids feature instantaneous acceleration and regenerative braking to improve efficiency. The Lexus hybrid line always charged, always ready. If you're trying to make your way into downtown LA this morning, a few deep breathing exercises might come in handy right now. We've had a lot of trouble out there. Major Sigler. This is the good news in East La Cholo. Five. It Cesar Chavez that at one point had most of the road shut down that has now been cleared. But now new wreck basically around the corner was found tenant maple that is taking up the second lane from the left and up ahead. Another crash west 10 of your connecting to the north beyond 1 10. Meanwhile, police investigation continues in Fontana eastbound Tenet Sierra all lanes shut down there until further notice. Support for NPR comes from Raymond James, a firm focused on transforming lives, businesses and communities through

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