B.C. Has a Blueprint to Save Its Oldest Forests

The Big Story


Jordan heath. This is the big story. Sarah fox is the bbc investigative reporter for our friends at the narwhal. Sarah hi how are you doing. I'm doing really well. how about you. i'm well thanks ya do. You want to explain as we get started for people who don't live anywhere near bc. And i've never seen it. What is old growth forest. Exactly and What does it look like sure. So old growth forest. There's kind of the the official definition. And then there's a y you think of when you hear the words old growth for us so the official definition is that on the coast where where the growing season is longer in tends to be wetter. That trees that are older than two hundred and fifty years are considered to be old growth in other parts of the province. It's trees that are one hundred and forty years old. But i think when when people think of old growth imagine those kind of icon ick photographs of these enormous cedar. Douglas fir trees that are as tall. Skyscrapers in is wide as a boss. The the old growth forest because the trees are so large the kind of the light filters through them in a different way they're draped in mosses and lichens and just kind of fallen logs. Over centuries have become nurse logs for for other trees but the the will growth force are much more than the trees. Of course there. Hot spots for bio-diversity their home to all kinds of species including a species at risk of extinction that to depend on these forests on the interior of b. species like a caribou on the south west mainland part of bc. We've got the spotted owl here on the island and other areas. We've got the marbled murrelet bird and of course these old forests are huge stores of carbon and they filter water. They have many many environmental

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