Arizona State Rep. Jake Hoffman Says We Need People to Wake up in 2022


A state income tax. The state has 4% unemployment. Everybody and their mother and their cousin Joey are moving down here. The place is flourishing. You can't even buy a darn house down here. You put a house on the market seven seconds later into house sells for twice the asking, All right. I'm obviously exaggerating a little bit. You can't find a car anywhere in South Florida because he caught me so hot. Everything sold out the place is booming. We Don't have a state income tax. How is it in a state like Arizona? These guys are getting away with this. How? How do they constantly get voted back into office, pushing this crap that they're entitled somehow to Arizona in state money. Look, we need more people to wake up. I mean, that's something you talk about all the time is we've got to wake our neighbors up. We've got to get people off the couch and into the game, And that's something that we need here. I think, Look, they're going to have a heck of a time. Come 2022. Because they have taken over these last two weeks. They've taken a ton of heat from the grassroots and everyday people, Independence Republicans, even the blue Dog Democrat. If you know the few that still exists, they've been taking a beating from those people. Now I have heard justice more. Morning within the last hour and a half that there is a rumor that there's a deal. And so that means that this week is going to be when the rubber meets the road with regards to the this historic tax cuts that we have the opportunity to do. We're gonna find out Do me a favor Guns. Do me a favor. We're talking to state wrap Jake Hoffman from the great State of Arizona. I need a favor. You need to keep me updated on this rumor because if we can't in places like Arizona Arizona. If we can't get Republicans to coalesce behind economic freedom, sound budgeting, economic prosperity and tax cuts, then this I'm sorry, but the movement is going to fall apart. We're not conserving anything. I'm really sorry, Jake. I got to run. I

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