What You Should Know About Frontend Development With Laurie Barth



So. Laurie you for a lot on a bunch of really amazing places. You were formerly gatsby and then you start working not too long ago. Tell us about how you got started on this. Awesome coding journey. You've had so For a couple of months now. But i started my career about a goodness a decade ago. Now and i started actually in the federal government not as a software developer but as a program manager and it was my dream job. And i was really excited about it and i worked there for two and a half years and i hated absolutely every second of it it was just terrible fit for me so bad so there's sort of two things that made it so bad. I was bored. Okay that was one piece but to is. I had a mathematics background in a minor in computer science. I was getting my master's in computer science while i was there and the federal government. Does this funny thing where they try and make the workforce looks smaller than it is Politics and the way that they do that is that they hire a bunch of contractors to do all of this work and that's super frequent in the technical states and so they have government employees which is like federal civilians. Which is what i was. An our job is to manage the contract of the people doing the work and okay so it was just a really bad fit for. I don't care about cost schedule and performance really at all of computer and let me do something. I didn't get all this education for nothing. When i decided i was gonna leave. I didn't think i had the chops to be a fulltime coder. I was like oh get. Some technical analysts hybrid kind of job. And i talked to internship bosses that i'd had and other sort of family connections which i'm very grateful for and they were all Gobi junior and i did and i was a consultant at a couple of different places over the course of seven years. And when you're a consultant you see so many things and you work all over the stack and with all sorts of different technologies and so. Let me sort of figure out what i liked. And i kept navigating towards. I call it middle end now but it's sort of like front end tooling and i got really used to not i'm super dogmatic about this one technology but what is the best tool for this

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