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In and through gilligan. Tov for the strange the boozer unexpected as the mid and wash asleep. You're inside the box. Oddities got an email from carey. Who said kenji throw. We love the box of oddities. What podcasts do you listen to well. One of the ones that we're most fond of is scared to death with dan lindsay comments. We think you'll like it too. If you're looking for something scary mysterious or interesting something to distract and entertain you. Scared to death is absolutely going to do it. Whereas lindsey calls it s. Td wait a minute over one hundred episodes Demonic possession shadow people black eyed children. Alien abductions seat. Dan loves the horror And so he goes out of his way to try to scare lindsay and then lindsay will retaliate by sharing at least a two listener submitted encounters that are in her mind scarier than what dan had. If you need more chills in your life check out. Dan comments and lindsay comments. It scared to death. And it's so much fun and dan lindsay or just really cool people much cooler than us episodes. Drop every tuesday available anywhere that you listen to the box of oddities you can also listen to scared to death or watch them on youtube a gutter pretty cool story for you today in eighteen sixty three a union wagon train. Left wheeling west virginia had fifty two bars of gold in each wagon and there were many wagons. Each bar weighed about fifty pounds right year. Eighteen sixty three and camp right at the beginning of the civil war. Okay now this gold was meant to pay. Union soldiers and the wagon train was supposed to travel north east through pennsylvania to ridgeway and then had southeast to harrisburg. It made it as far as saint. Mary's but that was the last time it was ever seen. Oh mystery yeah. The wagons and dead soldiers were found but not the gold. It just disappeared. It was never recovered. Nobody knows where it is at the end of your story. The see you. Better off. Listening to the dan and lindsay. No there's more. Of course there are treasure hunters all over the area that spent a great deal of time researching and searching for this lost gold. because it's potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars right. There's a father and son team. Dennis kim pirata and they have spent years searching the area and going over old documents and reading old news stories and just good old fashioned detective work and in january of two thousand eighteen. They were metal detecting in an area called dense run. That's d. e. n. t. apostrophe s. Okay dense ron ron. And you know. I love me some metal detecting ideal and suddenly their metal detectors go off for those of you. Who do metal detect- you detector assists if you will you know that sound and you know that. There's a big difference between the sound that your metal detector makes when when you find a coin versus say an old aluminum pop top. There's a big difference and it's a you get a little bit of a thrill when you know you've hit something solid. I can only imagine what they must have felt because this was not just a coin and it certainly wasn't a pop top. They weren't sure what it was the indications were this was a huge mass of metal. Oh now denison. Kim had formed a treasure. Hunting group called finders keepers. But they did what what was required of them when treasure is found potentially on public land. They couldn't dig it up. The immediately contacted the fbi and they met with them in philadelphia in presented. Their evidence to the fbi fbi was very interested in this. And according to the harada's they took the fbi to the exact spot at dense. Run where they believed that they had found tons of gold. This was on march thirteenth of two thousand eighteen. So the f. b. i. hired in virus scan which is a geophysical consulting firm to come in. They didn't want to start digging up right. They do that ground. Pulse ation thing yes. Yeah yeah oh cool. It's radar or what. It is but in virus scan began survey of that particular hilltop with a gravity meter pronounce. It grab a meter or grab grab a meter going with that grab a meter results came in and on the spot and indicated that there was indeed a very large chunk of metal buried in the hilltop. What was even more exciting. Was that this particular. Metal chunk had the exact same density. That gold would have been really. Yeah what are the people that was working alongside of the parabas in the fbi was a guy named warren getler. He's written several books and articles concerned mainly with the legends of buried civil war. Era gold. Okay that's very specific. Yes and he was there when the gravity meter results came in and he said that he asked an agent point blank question about the size of the metal mass that they had detected the agent responded simply quote seven to nine tons now seven to nine tons of gold is potentially worth of course hundreds of millions of dollars. It was right about this time. That whole demeanor the fbi began to change. Oh no according to the perez they had made an agreement with getler and the fbi to oversee the excavation but once the scans came in the fbi made them go sit in their car while the majority of the project was being completed interesting eventually after several hours the fbi allowed them to take a look at the site at the end of the day wants. The digging was done and what they saw was just a big empty hole in the ground. The fbi claimed now we didn't find anything but the perez weren't buying it Their suspicion increased when they learned that people who lived nearby head her jackhammers and a backhoe during the dead of the night after the initial two thousand eighteen excavation was allegedly finish. Talha others reported seeing a very suspicious looking convoy of black. Suv's and four armored trucks in the area in the middle of the night many of the residents tried to get information from the fbi about the activities but could not get a response for three years. The fbi's official story of what they were doing there was that they were quote engaged in a court authorized dig of a cultural heritage site so they continue to maintain that they had found nothing there. Now this past year. Kim and dennis sued the fbi successfully and got access to emails. That involved the dig. They found one email. That was marked confidential. I'm sorry that's really ballsy to sue the fbi and assistant us attorney philadelphia wrote quote. We believe the cash itself is in the neighborhood of in caches. C. h. e. We believe the cash itself is in the neighborhood of three by five by eight feet to five by five by eight feet in size. Now as i mentioned the cash of

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