Mr Biden, Caroline Shively And Andrew Yang discussed on Fox News



Respond to gun crime. The president's proposal is expected to include police reforms, plus ways to keep guns out of the hands of criminals were told Mr Biden will make a series of executive orders and call on Congress to pass gun legislation. The House already passed two bills on background checks, but is less likely to get through the Senate boxes, Caroline Shively, former presidential candidate, Andrew Yang concedes in the New York City Democratic Party primary for mayor. I'm not going to be the next mayor of New York City based upon the numbers that have come in tonight. Brooklyn borough president and former police captain Eric Adams has the lead in the vote count. Radio host and Guardian Angel Standard. Curtis Sliwa is the projected Republican winner, he says about current mayor Democrat Bill de Blasio has taken a wrecking ball to this city that we love. This election uses ranked choice voting where ballots can be marked with up to five candidates in order of preference America's list in the pocket. This is the Fox News Rundown. Now look at sports did not look good for the Phoenix Suns last night near the end of Game two of the Western Conference semifinal against the Los Angeles Clippers with under one second remaining, the Sun's trailed by one point margin of error for any attempt to score minuscule. Yet the sun's threaded the most tiny needle and practical Pepper's not an easy impound with that big

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