Angelina Jolie Spotted on Dinner Date With the Weeknd

Daily Pop


Jolie and the weekend were caught leaving the same restaurant and people are losing their damn minds now. The sun is saying they spent hours together at dinner at celeb- hots by giorgio baldy and then they let separately most celebrities. Do first of all toast angelina. Finally getting into that black come off trying to adopt him. This is such an odd pairing. But you know. I'm not but they're both if you think about it. They're both very quirky strange people. They like things a little off little quirky. actually. I feel like personality wise. They would get along for short the way. Everyone's so shocked about this. I'm a huge and fan. And i remember when party monster came out in two thousand sixteen in the song he says angelina lives and shaped lack selena cramming after this for five years but he was think cited for them today. Because maybe she'll inspired him to make his song sound this. What was it. what was that sound. But can i get a different. Your life parker asks can't be about cocaine. Allegedly

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