A highlight from Belgium, Netherlands Advance to Knockout Stages



Against belgium was always going to be an emotional gain. The i of course after christian erickson collapsed in opening match against of finland. Got the tone just right. It was so emotive at through. Our and denmark absolutely flew out the traps. Husson opening the scoring within two minutes. Google jason denial at the back was an awful ball in the midfield. I'm not even sure was on by the white didn't even play it safe side. But it was brilliant. See the emotion. The face is just a massive goal. Kushner ix hospital. What five hundred yards away and yeah. It was a fantastic start. And they were brilliant for the opening. Twenty minutes i played really well. And of course and in a pre planned moved in the ten minute mark kick the ball out and it was a minute's applause should result blunt and decided to the atmosphere and the energy that god little cocker and then after belgium been really poor in the first half kevin brian come on and the whole dynamic of the game changed. Really give it a show. Probably i mean the amazing what these guys can do. I mean the the momentum the elegance the right choice and it's credit would shoot from that one night most big chance you know this is what actually then like miss the last especially inside the goal that they need some assemble because of that i mean debris does. This is a great goal because the kaku white possession. He was begging strong and he kept hold of then. There was some one touch and just an amazing gold. Finish by the mazen flip but then belgian didn't kick on in fact deadlock opportunities. Heather heyer of cross so and look. I mean braithwaite. Greedy goes running powers. Excellent all about the emotion music and see the coach in the cauca. They're bracing after the guy finishes belgium to dennemont one. Let's get some reaction. shall we. off the game. We'll hear from revenue to calculate moment but first party briefly. Can you just describe what it was like emotion in the stadium at the beginning of that match. It was really really special days like this. Just shows you what kind of privilege you have to play football here and also shows you the support from the whole country today. It was just a mason. We really appreciate. We really grateful for all that within tonight. Was it difficult to keep your emotions and to go out and play with a tribute to christian and all the emotion that went into it. No actually not. I felt like this was just. It was like extra motivation to do even better today i felt like the voice really shopping for first second of the game the end so i felt living one day where they were ready and they would just when the game started. Congratulations from wasn't it can make up this game. Took game Took him into the months today to know what the today's media after what they've been through playing today all the credit to win but there was the biscuit a game changed the second half. Just what can you take that position The way how we play with kevin through the middle an update on the right side helps because we found the right spaces dominated. So yeah the basic ever. I want to thank for making your team. We

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