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How listeners. Mike schneider here. And i'm brett molina and welcome back to talking tech if you are at all interested in tech news then you've likely heard about nfc's and blockchain. They made an appearance at three. And actually in a way that it might make it easier for everyone to understand. How exactly a works. that's right brett. I fairly new publisher called the mythical games as a game. It's testing called blanco's block party and just to look at it you know that's colorful art field open world game. That looks a bit. Like a fog as metaverse with lots of graffiti. There's a sinner square where you can meet friends. And there's a bunch of activities have races tag tag collect coins and things and and ever shooting competition on these cartoonish. Nothing like call of duty but not as messy s For instance but you can also build your own levels and create competitive many parties with your friends. What makes a block party. Different is when players spend money on characters or items he will actually owned and can sell them the game marketplace for real money. Now mythical marketplace's built on blockchain technology which records digital certificates of ownership of the games playable. Mft's an nf t stands for lawn tokens they have a presentation during e three and one of the exact said. They're trying to put the fun back. In non fungible tokens so blanco's look a bit like funchal. Fun co dolls. You know those you know. You've got star wars characters. They like rock bands and all kinds of all kinds of movie characters. You don't have the big heads little bodies and you buy their the vinyl toys and put them on near shelford whatever. Well that's what these characters look like. But their virtual or in the game you buy them on you can earn some by simply playing the game but others range in price from ten to twenty dollars but more rare blanco's sell for higher prices so for instance within the game which is currently being tested. They dropped four hundred limited edition characters than they sold for one hundred fifty dollars. Each many players have already turned a profit by reselling blanco's in the marketplace gamemaker says. So should you and if you sell resell your blanco's artists will profit from these various numbers resales of characters and they have a lot of big name. Artists have been a graffiti art. A lot of cool Artists let you the their spin on on the characters. They also announced that Companies like burberry are going to in at t's in game. They're currently testing The building and the marketplace now. And you can if you go to our story there's a link to To the game you've already have more than twenty thousand levels created by players and by the game developer medical You know what's interesting about these toys as they look like something. You actually might warrant by an have on your shelf right now. They say there's no plan to make real world toys out of them that really seems like an inevitability if the game takes off at all though i wonder whether if you have an nf t tied to your in game blanco is. Is it tied to a toy in the real world. You can plan your shelf or do you have to send that along to. I mean. i'm sure they're. I'm sure the lawyers are figuring that out right now. Yeah i was gonna say be kinda funny to own the nfc of a certain character and then you just go to target and like oh that's mine and just go grab and go But you know it's funny because you know we've heard a lot about an nfc's and they can be really confusing but it seems like this process makes it a little more straightforward and the games blockchain economy a record of your character and the items it has in russian you've made whereas today when you spend money in games on characters and things like that you really don't have ownership of the characters that have been developed right. I mean that's why many think there will eventually be enough teasing games. And they're already are. I have a few examples in my story. tech dot. Usa data com and that allows players to sell or trade legitimately right. Now if you're in a game and you wanna try to sell something you kind of have to do it off market and you gotta. I think i haven't done this myself. But i've written about you. Probably have a give them some sign in thing to your account and all this other stuff and so there's a lot of fraud and they're you know they're in scams involve a fortnight on on buying in game items and things like that you know. It's all part of what animal brands founder yet. So he described me as the goal for digital rights that most citizens who live so much of life on digital platforms like games and social media. Networks they're going to demand at some point. You know you're gonna demand all this money. You're spending on did so property. Actually you know you own it in some fashion in at least in a digital world and it doesn't just stay in that game and you ignore it doesn't. There's nothing you can do it. It's just starting in games because we can immediately understand the advantage there there's Play more about this story. I'm sure and and you and i will be covering this in the days. Weeks comments issued. It's just gonna grow listeners. 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