A highlight from Big Suey: Bonzi Wells


Thirty for thirty treatment. Because i've been saying for a long time that those trailblazers were blazing a lot more than trails. Those were unapologetically black basketball teams independent. They turned up the volume on their personalities. And didn't care how you received. They were really ahead of their times. And so bonzi wells and rasheed. Wallace having new podcast. Let's get technical with rasheed. Wallace in bonzi wells. It's on the ball. Is life podcast. Network and bonds with us now and one of the reasons that i wanted to have rashid on was to show people that he has more of a personality than angry guy because he got more technical fouls than anyone. I wanted to cover with bonzi some of the experience of being a member of the trailblazer because that team should have won a championship. It felt like you guys were so close bonzi and people think that it was character issues or whatever nonsense it was. It was a lot of things i feel. It was that that team wasn't uniquely together because it seemed like you guys were against the world in ways that were real and before the race dynamics that have played out in america. You guys were telling everyone to go off early will definitely you know first of all appreciate you. Happy all minimum boy seat and giving us some love. But you know. And we should have one two or three championships. Honestly you know people forget about the ninety nine championship that we should have one and a in a lockout shortened season top of the two thousand championship. But you know you right now for like we were ahead of our time but it just the difference between times is that the voices were different. You know we didn't have a voice back then we didn't have voice really tell people who we are and we know. People took their information from the paper. I'ma listen to the paper on telling these guys baboor's wild it crazy thugs. And that's how people perceived us announced the perception around the world for us and honestly man we didn't we didn't really give back then when we were playing. Because it's like y'all somebody got be the bad boys we're not too bad. We we of position ourselves like the bad boys in the late eighties. A nine hundred. We want to beat those guys that we loved it but we didn't really understand the ramifications four in terms of race. Only you know the the whole racially profiling the jail blazers term. We didn't really understand how big that was till we got older. It was like whoa whatever. It really wasn't cool. Your name right is associated with sort of a time period and it or jail blazers than trailblazers. When i think of you. I think of a dude who was unapologetic and teams. That are super bad ass. But i'm surprised to hear you say you didn't feel the pressure and the weight of that because it seemed from afar like it would be really unpleasant no matter how strong you were of character way. Know i was young. You know when you're young and dumb. You know what. I'm saying you don't really you know you don't really philly you. I got older. I got a chance to really understand. You know what was going on. When i was young and we was just who been. We're winning fifty five to sixty games a year everywhere we went. You know the buzz about us. And we'd love the attention of it but we didn't understand how bad the negative attention were. we didn't. I didn't really understand the history of portland oregon the way they kind of do the media the the the racial disparity throughout the years there. I didn't really understand that part of it. Because i'm from indiana so indiana could be called somewhat of a racist stadium so i don't really kinda give higher low when it comes to the racial people kind of stay neutral so i really get too caught up in a but as time go on people started showing the especially the media. Got the show on us. How they felt about us in now ended up being the demise of the blaze was because of a media was portland city and portland. The media embarrassed by you. I think the media put the city in a position to be embarrassed because the the the the the media always robust of about us. You know like. I are one day. I was like you know like russia watson. Go ahead thirty five points. Have a great game lead us. Do everything right. But then they will always write a by received. Play great but don't forget a year ago. He got caught in a yellow hummer smoking weed. It was always like you a guy high and they always put us back down into the mud and that's just what it was. It never gave the fans a chance to really just appreciate us because they always painted that negative senior here. That team was high a lot right another way another way you were ahead of the time because it must be amazing to you to see all of these cathedrals fall now like you guys were always baked where you not. I mean you gotta understand. Smoke lead is nothing. You know people. We don't even look at it as a drug. You know it is crazy. I tell people like they've vilified us as a team for smoking weed and ice attorney tell the nba from back in the date. Is that guy vilify marijuana which born find basically alcohol because they're telling us don't do this but go to the club and drink alcohol. What you're gonna make some bad decisions crazy stuff what you should have a smoking weed where we're chilling our windows. Be off our feet play. Some cards gives eating relax. Relax your mind.

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