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Where we talk hawks. So ordinarily this is jan miles explained the x. Men but one week out of every four we take the week off from our exhaustively produced added professional and research podcast and basically spend an hour talking about stuff talking about well hawks some so not. What are this week's hawks. So this week's hawks are seahawks. Such is ser. Francis drake the sixteenth century. Privateer who's featured in the film. This seahawks starring arrow flynn. I also realized before that. I should have said that this is entirely unedited. And and and four so as as you can tell from my careful and inclusion of everything in the injection but you mentioned yeah seahawks so this is would would you also include the character. Seahawk from sheera. Seahawk from shira is indeed a seahawk so for our less less not inclined listeners. How would you define a seahawk. So a seahawk is a bird that flies over the sea. I actually don't know anything. About what a seahawk is. I'm mostly here for the pirates. All right so for for our purposes than seahawks pirates seahawks are pirates. Do you know of any pirates. Who were actually birds or hawks. Ooh that's a good question. I feel like there probably are some lake in some kind of mation. I'm trying to remember if there are any of the rescuers. Don't off the top of my head but i feel like there probably were some birds who were pirates. Maybe up at treasure island that would follow. Now i'm you think there were a lot of parents. There were a lot of parents. Pirates not thinking about animal companions straight to someone who i know is one of your first look to jefferson and in general blackbird. Glass burn beard. Wow yeah i guess. I'm really really really hawk oriented so i should. I should say. And i have recently finished watching black sails and one of the great things about watching black sails with t. is that she is a massive pirate aficionado and will explain like the ways it doesn't doesn't relate to actual piracy and if you know me you know that this is the kind of thing i'm intensely into so so while i realized that some people that might not sound like a recommendation for me. It's like oh my god. I married the right person. But blackbeard is one of those and the show neglects the most one of the most amazing details of black friend his very best friend howler. Monkeys jefferson so so blackbeard At some point picked up a howler. Monkey i forget whether it was a want us. It was in bermuda but it might have been in port royal but he picked up this howler. Monkey jefferson however monkeys like. You're probably thinking all monkey pirate. you're thinking. Pirates of the caribbean. You're thinking like the little tiny monkey no howler. Monkeys are big boys and jefferson accompanied blackbeard. At least a few raids and was was Very dear friends so yes so so. Jefferson is one of my favorite pirates and he is not in black sales at all. He is kinda did blackbeard. Dirty how comfortable. You are having spoiler on the show. I mean it's up to you. We probably shouldn't spoil. We'll we'll see they're. Blackbeard is a historical in a number of what they're blackbeard is a historical in a number of ways Yeah they also They like move around some people and they have they have blackbeard. B b charles veins pirate daddy instead of henry jennings who is actually charles dance. Pirate daddy and some other pirate dad's stuff but anyway. Yeah so you're mentioning. Pirate dad's there are a lot of kind of like lineage or metaphorical lineage. Going on i mean. I feel like when you say pirate daddy can be taken to as and both of those were absolute true depending on the pirate So they're they're one of the things that people i think. I think it's becoming more known now but people often don't realize when they see kind of casual piracy out in games or stories is that Piracy was often haven for people who were excluded from mainstream society so there were a lot of black pirates. there were a lot of jewish pirates. There were a lot of pirates of east asian origin who had been in europe for whatever reason or in the colonies for whatever reason the rule lot of queer pirates So there's those kinds of pirate daddy's but the kind of daddy's we're talking about are the pirate daddy's where very frequently a pirate captain would take second prize ship couldn't obviously couldn't capped in the else and would appoint a captain to the price ship and that was usually somebody who they were kind of mentoring. Their lake pirate protege. And so yes. There were a bunch of people who were pirate proteges to To other famous. Pirates vein jennings so blackbeard and actually Benjamin horne gold. Yes so there were there. Were few pirate dads out there. Who who learned how to do. Pirate things from older wiser pirates. So i feel like. I have to have to ask who. Who is your favorite pilot or who are who are your favorite pirates. My favorite pirates. They can be favorites for specific purse. So many favorite pirates j. I feel like i feel like the thing. Is that on one hand. You know i feel like you got a shout out and bonnie in mary slash mark read and also i. I have a really soft spot for for a french. Pirate named law who was known for. And there's you know we don't know to what degree this was true. But he was known for doing things like eating the organs of his enemies. So low in want lullin was great. Yeah

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