Adrienne Rich was One of the Most Widely-Praised Poets of the 20th Century


We're talking about one of the most widely taught widely read and widely praised poets at the twentieth century. Her burke brought the minute show of women's lives into the spotlight challenging the idea that to right from the female perspective was uninspired and undeserving of attention. Let's talk about adrienne rich when she was born in baltimore in nineteen twenty nine adrienne rich's parents thought she would be a boy they'd plan to name her after her father. Arnold a doctor. Instead arnold decided his daughter adrienne would be a literary prodigy by the age of four. Adrienne could read and write by six. She wrote her first poetry book by seven a fifty page play about the trojan war. This is the child we needed and deserved her mother. Helen wrote in a notebook. Helen had been a concert pianist and had given up her career for marriage. And motherhood as much as adrian's childhood was marked by long hours in her father's library her mother's sadness and lack of agency left a lasting impression to in nineteen fifty one while a senior at radcliffe college. Adrian experienced her first big break her poetry manuscript. A change of world won the yale younger poets prize. The prize came with a publishing contract. W h auden wrote the foreword and reviewers loved it. At twenty two years old. Adrian became a critical darling soon thereafter. She won a guggenheim fellowship. Which funded additional studies at oxford. There she met alfred. Conrad a graduate student from harvard. Despite her father's disapproval and married alfred. Nineteen fifty three

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