Jared Halbert, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin And California Highway Patrol discussed on Michael Savage


California Highway Patrol officer attempting to stop the suspect playing loud music and Honky gets horn. The officer followed the driver into his garage foxes Jared Halbert. As the Justice Department targets gun trafficking in several major U. S cities. The president will also encourage Congress to take action on a number of gun law reform proposals. The secretary of defense says he supports changes to the military justice system when it comes to prosecuting sex assault cases. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says he will support taking sexual assault and related crimes away from the chain of command. And letting independent military lawyers handle them. The decision to remove prosecutions of those cases from military commanders has been long debated and in the past has been resisted by the Pentagon. Some military leaders are wary of the change, including general Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, who says removing commanders from prosecution decisions could have adverse effects boxes. Tony J. Powers, vice president Kamala Harris is scheduled a trip to the nation's southern border. The vice president, along with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, will be in El Paso. On Friday. The trip comes as the Biden administration continues dealing with a record surge of migrants and

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