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Pay today. I'm talking with my dear friend. Actually one of my favorite people in the universe santi white santi is a true iconoclasts best known as the musical visionary behind santiago she appeared on the cover of fader issue fifty one at the beginning of two thousand eight just before the release of head debut album santo gold and untrue. Fada cover star fashion. She could not have been any harder at that moment. Although it was her first album it felt as if she dropped down to earth a fully formed genre spanning superstar. I mean where did she come from. How good someone invalid. All the most exciting parts of electronic music punk new wave reggae in this effortless way right. These amazing maladies and then make it seem like. She hardly batted an eyelid. While doing it she seemed the embodiment of the term future music and the epitome of cool. Well like most quote unquote overnight sensations. Her arrival was a long time in the making i discovered her nearly a decade. Before through the brilliant song she had written for the artist reese pending most of racist debut album and although the record didn't quite hit songs like they say vision fully. Hold up and you can hear the birth of santiz inimitable style bradey but catchy vocals very clever personal bit eccentric lyrics and traces of indie sky and trip hop next up santi channeled her love for all things bad brains through her rock band stiffed cutting her teeth in punk clubs all over the country but frustrated and hitting somewhat of a wall mainly because most record labels were unable to envision a black woman fronting punk rock band. She sort of just said fuck it. If i'm not gonna make it. I may as well just make interesting music that i love and then something magic happened. Call it the power of surrender divine intervention the luck of a chance meeting with diplo and switch in a nightclub but she started to make music. That was exciting to her and sounded like very little. That came before it. I was actually a big fan of stiffed and went to a lot of their shows. But when i first heard creator of our upcoming debut solo record i was gobsmacked my friend had made something that was so inventive in new i had no reference point for it. It felt like a new chapter in music and it wasn't just me. The acclaim came pouring in suddenly. Jay z david byrne. Mia they were all the shows. Side stage jay. Even tagging her for the company produced brooklyn. We go hard santi. And i've been great friends for nearly twenty years and it was amazing to watch her rise one minute. She's watching my dog. While i'm heading off to england to play my early shows in the necks. She's headlining over me at lollapalooza. I was so excited for this chat. Mainly because she's one of the smartest most interesting people. I know plus her unique combination of world weariness yet. Boundless enthusiasm is so infectious. So here it is santi white or santi gold on the fater uncovered with me. Mark ronson. Let's get high. How about this really good. No from running your faded cover two thousand eight. The fatal has a pretty good batting average of putting people on the cover right at that moment that it's like so much hype and then usually those people really go onto become really important artists. Because it's always a gamble when you're going on someone that just feels like the next big thing but i would have to say they're they're batting. Averages is pretty strong. And if i had really sum up your brise at that point. I think i even said it to somebody. I think i was like well. Like i mean last year i remember. I was dropping my dog at our house on the way to the airport. And now she's headlining over me at festivals and on the cover of the fader like literally what i would tell people when you hit that because just to go back a second of us you're always making music and had a successful career as a songwriter. But you are doing a solid. Because i was going to. Uk to do the shows. I was dropping my dog. You would very kindly look after and then in a year or so you were just on top of the world. So what do you remember most about the chaos of that time almost about to come out just like all these. It's a claim excitement. You when i was just such a special moment when like the universe aligns and allows you to like pop through something like that. You know what i mean and it's kind of a whirlwind in so you don't really remember the details no you know and so i just remember like you said i mean. I've been doing it for a long time prior to that in different ways to pass these different angles and i remember. I had my band stiff for a while and was trying to make this music that wasn't black music and nobody was really ready are interested. Chew stiff devotes came to your show says hardcore show. They you know drag friends in that always be like they're fucking amazing. And i like the epa and you would play. Where was it like continental. Divide or cb's downtown. Yeah i remember when we set out to make the santiago records kinda like stiff of broke up and we just you john hill willing. Listen to whatever we want. You know. And i'd had this psychic reading and she's like well you know you're going to get where you want to get to but it's gonna take longer because you just gotta just let go of wanting to get to a certain place and just make music for the sake of making music around. That was probably like two thousand three you know. And so by the time we got around to making the santiago record. I really didn't think anybody would be interested in getting it. Because i knew i wanted to do every influence i had. Yeah and i didn't really care. I remember saying john. I was like maybe somebody in london will like can't people. Everyone thought that london was more open to things that didn't fit into genres. You know i had gone into it not really expecting anything as so when things started opening up to me kind of for the first time in that way it was so exciting and so overwhelming to because it was such a busy time. Do you get the sense of that. In that article like the chaos. And i'm even surprised and quite pleased to hear you say there's these wonderful moments in the universe where things align in allowed yourself to pop through because i almost use sometimes being so hard on yourself in so caught up in the chaos that you. I didn't even know that you take a moment to acknowledge like something really good happen but in that article you really get the sense. You're like i haven't changed in. I haven't done launching down to my last pair corny underwear. Did you say you bring people into your apartment. And i remember that apartment in the brownstone in beds. And i could just picture the mess that it was what. What do you remember about just about that time like such a cliche. But i feel like there's so much work and history that goes into looking like an overnight sensation which is essentially what it probably looked like to the outside. When was the first thing that happened that you really like. Oh shit things

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