Approx 75% of Ontario Home Sales NOT Being Inspected


Many as seventy five percent of properties in the ontario area might be might be in the process of being bought and sold without home inspections. This is based on an article in the in the cbc recently And this was a poll from land. Inkster the secretary of young terrier association of certified home inspectors. Who believes that on conversation. He's having with inspectors throughout the province less than twenty five percent of all homes. Sales are being inspected so that means seventy five percent. Properties could possibly be being sold without inspections done. Obviously these are not scientifically one hundred percent accurate numbers. But if it's anywhere close to that the you know the article says and this is the one of the quotes in the in. The article says that this is a this is a situation where antero buyers could be in in in big trouble by not doing their due diligence. So this podcast is about making sure that you guys understand not just that you know the fact that you should be doing this but why you should be doing it and the reason why you should be doing it is because you want to know as much or more any property than anyone else does including the owners of that property and the listing agent and. That's something i've done for twenty one years now in always do this. I always want to do as much homework as much background research and do as much Find out as many stories. As i can about the area about other issues in the area developments everything that has to do with the enjoyment of that property and although i might not live in every single neighborhood that my clients want to live in. I always put myself in position that if i was going to live in that property what would i do to make myself feel safe and confident about it and this is really what i wanna pass on to. You guys the importance of doing that homework and doing everything that you need to do. So as a buyer you need to understand that you are not in a position where even if you are bidding on a property which you might not wanna do even if you're bidding on a property you have the option to do a pre home inspection before putting in your

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