Taiwan's Top Chip Tester, King Yuan, Shuts Down Two Plants

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Nikkei ran a piece over the weekend covering yet. Another disruption in the global supply chain due to covid nineteen according to that qingyuan electrtonics taiwan identified by nikkei as the world's leading chip testing service provider shutdown. Two of its plans over the weekend. You may wonder why shutting down testing site of which most of us have never heard leads to a disruption. I found an unrelated news release from samsung. That explains the packaging and testing process for semiconductors according to that release some conductor packaging involves enclosing integrated circuits and a form factor that can fit into a specific device. Those squares uc with fourteen or m one etched on them. That would be the package. If i'm reading. The release correctly wants the packaging. Process is complete. Samsung says the company has to determine if the package works properly. So it's time to move to the last stage. The package test in which the package semiconductor goes through the final quality assurance procedures. Now of internet sleuthing leads to understand that that is what king you electron. Ix does and what it had to stop doing it to. Its plans over the weekend. Who can't take a weekend off king. Un electrtonics it seems not when the globe is running short on semiconductors. According to the nikkei piece qingyuan electronics production suspension could aggravate the global chip shortage. Which is already hit a swath of players from automobile makers to consumer electronics giants media attack. The world's leading mobile app developer and rival of qualcomm set on friday evening that the temporary suspension at king. Un will affect the company's revenue and june adding that it is in close communication with testing supplier in hopes of minimizing. The

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