The Power of Showing Gratitude and Appreciating Others With Martin Galpin


I'm very curious The perspective that you have on gratitude like how does gratitude featuring your work is really important that she is one of the things that i think from a positive psychology point of view. It's one of the kind of tools that we have a beta boots to us to help people to about practices which actually they can relatively easily implement into that day to day practices either individually or in terms of that that role with others in terms of for example. The questions that they're asking other people could be hugely powerful. We move in the direction of the questions we ask. We're asking questions of war. Preached fifty focused and helping people to notice was working on and while they go to be grateful than those things can have a big impact because so many organizations and manages focused on what's not working. And how do they fix things. In a way where. We're the problems and that can lead to a mindset which is actually very focused on the the detriments of situation unit gets harder to focus on. What's working well. And so just by asking those questions helping people to recognize the importance of as questions and taking time to experience being on the receiving end of some of those more gratitude. Crist questions is ready. Impactful often very simple doesn't have stick it out of time but it's a very young very worthwhile doing and i'm one of the things i love about working with gratitude sedates. It's something that has a wide impact and in a number of ways. I think if we can get better for ourselves and then becomes evidence that people around us than they more likely again through that ripple effects not stupid things around them but also and the communication between people say in the exercises we do we ask people to give feedback to somebody else to a colleague for example around the things that they are grateful for in person things they appreciate about then then as a double benefit that goes on the head. Because it's not only a lovely thing invaluable thing that presents receive in terms of all messages of appreciation support which is opposing bulletin. Because many people don't feel appreciated even might actually be appreciated. They often they realized because they didn't get told. So that's pretty important. The person receives them at the messages of gratitude and

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