Jim Yakov, David Attenborough And Naftali Bennett discussed on BBC Newshour


Leaders respond to this message from the British naturalist and broadcaster? To David Attenborough. Climate change is a threat to global security that can only be dealt with by unparalleled levels of global cooperation. Through global cooperation. We may achieve far more than tackling climate change, We may finally create a stable, healthy world. Where resources are equally shared. And we'll have a story about Judy Garland that will make you see her in a very different light that's coming up in just over half an hour's time. But let's start in Israel any Of Taliban it And Jim Yakov, the quality of the heart. Israel's new prime minister, Naftali Bennett, of the religious nationalist You mean a party being sworn in just a couple of hours ago, he'll lead a governing coalition of wildly disparate parties from the rights, the center of the left and from a conservative Arab Israeli party that all came together. With one aim to end Benjamin Netanyahu's 12 year run as premier. A vote of confidence was held in the parliament or Knesset. And in the end that new coalition was confirmed with a razor thin majority of just 62 59. Mr. Bennett will be prime minister for two years before handing over to yell a piece of the centrist Yesh Atid party that won the most Opposition seats in marches election, Mr Bennett tried to address the parliament, he was repeatedly heckled. Binyamin Netanyahu.

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