Why Its Time to Stop Doubting and Start Leading


So we're getting a lot more questions about. hey ken. i'm getting promoted. Which stage five of my seven stages to doing what you're do but i'm not ready to lead. I don't often radio leader kim. How do i lead. Here's the reality when you get promoted almost every time that you get promoted. It is leading to an opportunity to lead. Some people call it management ramsey solutions. We call leading so for many people. It's a real source of stress of worry. I haven't lead before ken. How do i lead on experience. But i mean given this opportunity. I don't know if i believe so. I want to address that very real emotion. And i wanna take the pressure off so want to talk about that. So what do you do when you don't feel like you're ready to lead. Okay i got breaking news for you. You're not ready so we go can. I'm thinking you should check your production notes. I'm not sure you accomplish what you wanted to accomplish. No i did the first time you lied or in times where you get thrust into leadership beyond your current experience. I got news for you. You're not ready to lead. By the way i don't think you're ever ready to be a parent either. I got three now three teenagers. Let me tell you what i'm not ready for. I'm not ready to parent teenagers. And i'm smack in the middle of it. It's not about being ready. It's about doing period. It's not about being ready.

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