Knee Pain and Running: What Causes It and How to Avoid It


Is there such a thing as typical running runners e pain or is it just an individual person by person. I mean i see there. Is i mean. Usually when someone who's active and especially a runner talks about their knee hurt having knee pain. It's used you're going to be one or two things it's either gonna be there. Ilia tibial band so it's going to be on the lateral or the outside of the knee or it's going to be right in the front on the lower part of the which is anterior knee pain and it also can be called actually runner's knee jumper's knee and then patella for moral paint syndrome okay and so In what are the two. I mean so so. We're kind of talking about two different. Things are two related. things. I guess but difference. I mean what what causes each of those. What causes the. It bands pain. Yeah i feel like most of the injuries. The knee pain ankle pain of shin splints. Almost all that is usually because people just think they can just run around and you hear that. It is a good pair of shoes. Go running but there's so much more to it and unfortunately you know i think especially where medicines like. I wanna get going. I wanna lose weight and they still get going and they're just has to be a prep for that so i think there's a lack of preparation so there is a lack of getting her body ready for the demands of running sherwin And then not being consistent is another thing and trying to do too much at the same time so either increasing your speed and increase in the miles at the same time or maybe people. I'm going to start doing speed word. And he'll work and increase my speed hand. Increased by surrey doing those things and then core mechanics. Unfortunately some people have no idea what they look like. They run if no idea that they're over extending their leg or their stride is actually to slow or to shore or that. They're hinging at their hip as they're running the whole time. Maybe they don't see that their feet are turning and so they keep going and have no idea having these

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